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10 Best Digital Marketing Ideas And Strategies To Grow Your Business In 2020

10 Best Digital Marketing Ideas And Strategies To Grow Your Business In 2020

So, you want to grow your online business, but you have no idea where to start. You’ve heard people talk about digital marketing, but you’re somewhat confused about which tactics you should use. Well, no need to panic, below are 10 ideas and strategies you need to know about.

When I began my online business venture way back in 2004, the phrase “digital marketing” wasn’t quite as often spoken of like it is today.

I mean, for starters, Facebook and Gmail were only in their infancy.

WordPress didn’t have a website until around 2005, and there was no YouTube! Imagine that, not YouTube!

Google and SEO were in the spotlight, for sure, but PPC was kind of picking up traction.

And as for social media?

Well, it was in its very primitive stage, and we were very limited on what we could actually do with it.

As marketers, we did things a little differently back in the day. And primarily because the internet marketing landscape was completely different, or should I say “in its early stages”.

Today, we’re inundated with so many ways to grow our businesses online, and offline.

Every day we discover some new marketing tactics, methods, or ideas.

Everywhere you look online these days, some marketing guru is preaching about the latest marketing trend.

Honestly, it can get mind-boggling at the best of times.

And here’s the thing: You just can’t ignore the evolution and hope you can continue to grow your business using the same old marketing techniques.

And I’m betting that when a new thing does come along, you feel compelled to need to learn about it. Why, because you don’t want to be left behind, right?

The digital marketing super-highway

To a great extent, every business owner that has a website sees themselves as some kind of internet marketing guru.

Including myself, that is. I’m not a marketing expert by any means. Nor do I have a degree in digital marketing, but I do have a boatload of experience in the field, especially in the online world.

With so much advice going around, it can be freaking overwhelming at the best of times, I can tell you.

I remember starting out in this very niche many years ago and thinking to myself –

I’m never going to get to grips with any of this stuff.

And you know what?

Even though I feel that I know a great deal about how to market my online businesses today. I’m still learning every single day.

Every day’s a school day in the digital marketing world. So don’t feel as if you’ve got to learn everything in one go. It’s neither practical or even possible.

Well, let me start with this.

I have worked with dozens of small business owners in the last few years. And most of them didn’t have the slightest idea of how to use the internet to market their business.

Even something as simple as creating a Facebook business page, or setting email marketing. These were far too complicated for a lot of the folks that I’ve worked with.

And here’s the thing. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing. Not every business owner knows how to use the internet to grow their business. It doesn’t come as default like – “Oh you have a business therefore you should know how to market it online.”

Sure, it might be easy for you and me. As online business owners, we spend most of our time online. We’re savvy enough to know a thing or two about how digital marketing works.

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