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10 Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success – Growing Your Business

How exactly are you growing your network marketing business? What strategies are you using that works or do not work?

When I started network marketing, the one problem that I had was getting clients for my business and recruiting team members.

You see, I was the introvert. I was overwhelmed and frankly scared as hell when it came to prospecting both for selling products and building a team.

I remember in my first network marketing business, I asked my best friend to be my first customer, which she did.

Thank goodness for that but she became my only customer. LOL

After her, I had no idea how and where to find other customers until I jumped on social media and started busting my butt looking for my new shining stars.

But it did come with heavy lifting… and a lot of it.

If I could start again, I know I would do a lot more things differently because three years on, I have learnt so much.

As I connect with more network marketers, who are just starting their business, I find that they are repeating the same mistakes I made.

I have realised that there is the old way and the new way to network marketing. How do I know this?

Because when I was doing things the old way, I was recruiting no more than five people in a month. When I was doing it the new way, I was recruiting more than 20 people in a month!

How did I do this? By simply using strategic investments and creating a marketing strategy that works! A marketing strategy that I only learnt through my mentor.

I mean after two and half years of getting it wrong and six months of getting it right, I have turned my business over tremendously where I am now recruiting people into my business effortlessly.

And this is what inspired this blog post.

When you focus on using the right strategies to build any business, whether it is network marketing or online marketing, you generally come out as the winner.

So Here Are My Top 10 Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success That You Can Use

If you follow these tips consistently, it can make a massive impact in your business.

#1 Have The Right Business Mindset

Starting a network marketing business is not a hobby. You are starting a business.

The problem with most people who join network marketing is that they are attracted by the claim that you can make a “full time income with part time effort”, but what they do not realise is that in order to reach that level, it takes hard work.

When I started network marketing, I envisioned quitting my job and working full time on my business (which thankfully I have achieved).

I sacrificed a lot of things to get here.

There were times that I did not want to do the work but had it not been for my work ethic, I would not be where I am now.

You probably have heard this before but as cliched as it is, you must treat your business as a business; not a hobby.

Also self investment is crucially important. There are people who have a fear of investing money into their businesses because they see it as either spending money or wasting money.

But the most successful network marketers are those who invested in coaching, courses, mentoring, tools and resources to run their business.

No one says you have to invest huge chunks of money at one time but it is always best, if you want to see the growth that other successful network marketers are having.

#2 Don’t Fake It

True story! I had a long time friend who I had not seen in years. We spoke now and again but I would say we lost touch of each other.

When I joined my network marketing business, you know how they say to contact everyone on your phone contact list, regardless of who it is??

Well that was me. I called my friend to “catch up” with her. Of course she was surprised to hear from me and rightfully so.

So when I told her that I joined a network marketing business and I had some “really amazing products that could help her” – yes I used those exact words – she immediately knew what was up with me.

You do not want to do that! Do not be the fake friend.

If you want to be successful in your business, be genuine. If you think that contacting a long time friend just to try to sell them a product is uncomfortable, then DO NOT do it.

There are many more ways you can actually get a sale without bugging those “friends” who really are not your friends.

#3  Leverage Social Media

If you do not know by now, social media is huge for building your business.

Everyday I connect with so many people who are successful and also not so successful.

But I know that I have one thing that I can offer to them and that is value. This is how I was able to recruit five people in a day from Facebook and Pinterest.

My biggest tip for growing your business with social media, is find one or two platforms and master them.

“Jack of all trades master of none” can actually hurt your business when you are spreading yourself thin and trying to do everything at once.

I agree that any social media platform is great for networking and prospecting but you will never be an expert if you are trying to grow an audience over all platforms.

Some of the best platforms you can try are:


Invest in Facebook ads to connect with people who may be interested in what you have to offer.

Facebook ads is a very powerful platform that allows marketers to put their offer in front of the right people which can help generate consistent sales of your product.

When I first started network marketing, I was told by my upline to join Facebook groups where people promote business opportunities or sell products.

Your first thoughts may be that it’s free so why not try it, but I do not think this is the best source of traffic for your business as you may see little to no results from this. 

If you are serious about growing your business and making money from it, then I’d recommend investing in paid advertising to show your product to targeted people who are more likely to take action.

Not only will you save time, but you can see a huge return on your investment when you run your ad campaigns properly.  Just like I did when I made near to 3x return on my investment promoting a credit repair product using Facebook ads.

Before investing in Facebook ads I do recommend that you learn how to use the platform. This will help take away all the frustration that you are likely to encounter, when you do not get the results that you want.

If you’re looking for a great course, I would strongly recommend Jon Penberthy and Jubril Agoro’s Social Traffic Blueprint. It is by taking this course that I am currently generating a 10x return on my investment.

In the end it all paid off.


Have you ever created a Pinterest account and all you ever did was pin your favourite recipes, fashion and design inspirations?

Me too.

In the past I used Pinterest to save outfit ideas for the summer. Now I use Pinterest for business.

How does Pinterest actually work for businesses and how can it work for you? Pinterest is a great platform for businesses who promote their products or services with a blog.

As a network marketer, it is a good idea to have a blog where you can provide useful information to people who want to know more about your products and help raise awareness of your brand.

If you have never considered writing a blog for your business then head on over to my post where I share more about why a network marketing blog is great for business.

You can actually start a blog in under 15 minutes and for as low as $3.95/month with Bluehost and WordPress. 

If you do have a blog but don’t have readers or visitors, here’s how you can use Pinterest to get visitors who are likely to take profitable action. That means, they buy your products!

  1. First create a Pinterest business account.
  2. Next verify your website.
  3. Apply for Rich Pins which will add extra details to your pins from your website.
  4. Join group boards on Pinterest that are related to your niche
  5. Start pinning to the group boards

Follow the above steps consistently and watch how your traffic levels increase. Make sure that your blog provides valuable content that helps your readers solve their problem so they can take action such as buying your recommended products.

Using Pinterest to grow this blog has been very rewarding. In fact, I would have not known the power of Pinterest had it not been for a Pinterest growth course called the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche by Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus.

If you are thinking of using Pinterest to grow your network marketing blog and connect with new readers, then check out the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche to help you learn how to use his traffic source.


Create videos that provide valuable content. You can easily make a search in YouTube for some of the keywords that people are using in respect of network marketing.

Once you have a handful of keywords, create a video around those keywords.

The most successful videos are How To videos.

Do not worry if you do not know what to talk about.

Take a look at other people who have created the same content and put that content in your own words. Be confident when you speak about it.

Once you have created your content include your referral link in the description box of YouTube so you will get credit for any product you recommend that is purchased.


Instagram is a picture platform that allows you to create lifestyle posts, motivational and inspirational posts as well as product posts.

When used right, this can help grow your business by showing other people what your network marketing business is doing for you and how your products have helped you and other people.

As usual you want to create value posts. Posts that speak about how your business has changed your life or you can even share other people’s success stories.

#4 Your Business Is Never About You

It took me a while to understand this next point but when I got it, I had an a-ha moment.

When you start a business, you must start your business with the prospect in mind. At the end of the day, your business is there to serve other people.

It is never there to serve you!

As a network marketer, if you want people to consider doing business with you, learn how to provide helpful content that will genuinely help your audience solve a problem.

Here are some ideas:

  • Share different ways of how the product has helped you.
  • Share tips of how your product can help other people.
  • Share how the product made other people feel. For example, do you have testimonials to prove that other people are using the product and like it? Then share that.

When you work on serving more people, they will come to you instead of you chasing them.

#5 Leverage The Internet

A lot of people come to me and ask me how did I grow so fast?

My response: the internet.

A few years ago, belly-to-belly network marketing was a good way to market your business. If you were comfortable prospecting on the streets, at the malls or beauty fairs then you may have gotten a few good sales or leads into your business.

But for someone who was an introvert and having anxiety when it came to approaching a prospect, doing it this way was never ideal.

Instead after a couple years of trying and seeing no major shift in my business, I turned to the internet on the advice of my mentor and boy was I glad I did.

It was the best thing that I could do for my business because it allowed me to reach far more people than I could speak to in a day offline.

Using the internet and other advertising strategies helped me to make hundreds of product sales and build a team of over 110 personally sponsored people in under two months. This was by far the most important change and achievement in my business.

I know that there are still a lot of network marketers who do not want to invest in advertising strategies but there was a reason why the number one tip was to have a business mindset.

There are many platforms that you can use to advertise your business. Simply choose one and master it.

And if you are worried about the huge influx of prospects that will more than likely come into your business, then the next tip goes hand in hand.

#6 Leverage Marketing Systems

I do not know why most network marketers are against this idea but for me it is a no-brainer!

If you want to grow your network marketing business fast and successfully, you need to know how to use marketing tools to automate your business.

You can take all the hard work out of what you would normally do and give it to a “system” to do on your behalf.

This is how I was able to “speak” to over one thousand people in a day about my business and ended up closing thirty sales.

You see, marketing tools allow you to show your prospect, your product or opportunity, without you speaking to them. You simply set up a website or lead capture page and an email autoresponder communicates with them.

Whilst the prospecting part can be automated, you still need to build relationships with them so consider ways that you can build that relationship by offering coaching or mentoring that teaches the lead how to grow their own business.

The must-have marketing tools that I use in my business are LeadPages and Aweber. Click here for my review on LeadPages and here for my review on Aweber.

Technology has literally changed how fast I grew my business and has helped me fulfil my dreams of travelling as often as I can.

To read how this works in practice, check out this free book that teaches you how to use marketing systems to grow your network marketing team. 


#7 Teach Your Team Duplication

When I learnt how to use marketing systems to grow my business, I taught my team the same thing.

This is how you can grow your team to over thousands of members in a short space of time.

Something that works for you and is so easy to replicate can help other struggling team members.

When you introduce these systems into your team it is a win-win.

It helps the team member build their team quicker, make more product sales and puts money in everyone’s pocket.

I still use this strategy every day and encourage anyone looking to build a solid foundation, to find a strategy that works for you and then share it with your teams. They will then share it in their own teams and so on and so on.

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