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10 Stupid Looking Business Ideas That Actually Made Millions

10 Stupid Looking Business Ideas That Actually Made Millions

1. Plastic Wishbones

Humans are interesting creatures. Having so much ability, they still need the help of luck and that too from plastic. Ken Ahroni started Lucky Wishbone Co. to fulfil the worldwide demand of wellwishers. The company makes 30,000 plastic wishbones a day with a price tag of $3. The total sales of these wishbones are of worth more than $2.5 Million per year.

2. The Pet Rock

Gary Dahl got the idea of collecting normal stones and selling them in the form of pet house. Each rock was sold at $3.95 and within six months he made $15 million. The rocks came up with a hay bed, a pet carrier, and a manual on how to use this for pets.

3. The iFart app

The iFart app turns your phone into a cushion that makes weird sounds like farts. It is available on Apple’s iTunes store at $.99 and was downloaded more than 113,000 times in the matter of 14 days of its launch. Joel has managed to make $400k till now from this app.

4. The Wacky Wall Walker

Ken Hakuta’s got the idea of this toy when his mother gifted a Wall Walker from China. He just loved the toy and got the selling rights of this octopus-like looking sticky toy for $100,000. With a great marketing among kids, he earned more than $80 million dollars from this.

5. Doggles

Goggles look good on Dogs too. Invented by Roni Di Lullo, Doggles are sunglasses designed to fit the shape of a dog’s head. Along with being a fashion item, it has many medical uses also such as protecting the eyes of dogs from harmful ultraviolet rays. Roni has made more than $ 3 million from this idea.

6. The Million Dollar Website

It is a website made by Alex Tew who needed money for his university education. The homepage of this website has a total of million pixels arranged in 1000 × 1000 pixel grid with the image-based links on it which were sold for $1 per pixel in 10 × 10 blocks. in a short period of time the website became popular and on January 11, 2006, the last thousand pixels were sold on eBay with a winning bid of $38,100. Alex managed to make $1,037,100 from this simple idea.

7. Santa Mail

People all around the world wait for Christmas as there are countless ways of enjoying this day. There is a ritual that kids follow of asking gifts from Santa Clause. A guy took the initiative of registering a postal address at The North Pole, Alaska, and asked parents to pay &10 if they want their kids to recieve gifts at Christmas. The idea achieved attention and more than 200,000 parents have opted for this service making the owner earn $2 million profit.

8. Snuggie

During 2008 winter, the Snuggie became popular all across the globe due to its simple and great commercial. Scott Boilen, the person behind this idea of selling of blankets that are wearable. Companies were selling similar products in past but the way snuggie was presented won the hearts of customers. By 2013 more than 30 million Snuggies were sold making the parent company All Star earn $500 million for Allstar.

9. Billy Bob teeth

Having weird teeth is a problem people face but it becomes interesting when we can it according to our will. A dental student in the US started the trend of making teeth fashionable and after following his weird beginnings, he made a team to sell unconventional looking teeth. In 2006 the company crossed $40 million making it a successful merchandise. As of now, more than 20 million such products have been sold and there is an online platform to buy them too.

10. Big Mouth Billy Bass

Big Mouth Billy Bass is an animatronic singing prop which was made in 1998. The fish looking device turns its face towards the person nearby and sings songs. After the success of fish, the manufacturer started using other aquatic animals. the robotic singing fish has helped the inventor make $100 million from this idea.

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