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20 stunning web design ideas that will get everyone clicking

20 stunning web design ideas that will get everyone clicking

Creating a website for your business can be a big challenge. With so many different approaches to web design, it’s hard to know how to stand out while still appealing to your target audience. We’ve broken down the latest web design trends to start you off on the right foot with gorgeous web design inspiration that’ll get those ideas flowing.

When you’re ready for that stunning new website, start with these ideas and you’ll find the missing link to a great design.

Clean and modern web design

One of the most common approaches to web design in recent years has been the clean and modern look. In this style of web design, you can expect sans-serif fonts, minimalist layouts, intuitive navigation and a flat aesthetic. This approach often feels more formal, so if your business relates to fields such as education, technology or consulting, consider these examples.

We especially love the modern website design approach for Agricademy by Anton Siribaddana. Starting an educational program with a unique mission can raise a lot of questions from potential clientele. To avoid leaving your visitors confused about what you offer, clean and modern web design can lay it all out clearly. The Agricademy website uses a grid system with icons and short paragraphs to answer key questions that many people would likely have about their business.

Friendly and fun web design

Make your website friendly and fun by including playful illustrations, bright color palettes, exciting fonts and detailed infographics. Businesses use this style of web design to provide their clients with more of an immersive online experience. Go this direction if you’re in the world of restaurants, food products, vacations, or entertainment. This style also works for businesses in any industry that want to appear more approachable.

Take a look at the Valentine’s Deli web design by CHAMBER 5. This deli website includes fun illustrations of mountainsides, cabins, roadtripping and campfires. The unique black-and-white line drawings evoke a simple, down-to-earth feeling—almost as if a friend of yours drew these illustrations at home. Visitors get a hint that the owners of Valentine’s like to have fun and stay in touch with their local surroundings.

Classic and vintage web design

Vintage web design brings nostalgia, warmth and familiarity to the internet, a place that often feels so cold and “digital.” Old-school fonts, faded textures and skeuomorphs help evoke these emotions. If your clients seek familiarity and reliability in your business—for example, if you are an artisanal baker, film photographer, screen-printer or vintage apparel brand—than a classic web design can give your customers a sense of comfort.

Check out the Textilschmiede screen-printing website by Mike Barnes. This website accomplishes that classic, vintage look by using a faded, off-white paper background, an old illustration of a screen printer, a typewriter-esque font and faded photo album images of the screen-printing process. These elements communicate to clients that Textilschmiede specializes in printing techniques from a past era—specifically an era when printers paid incredible attention to detail.

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Web design that works

If you’re working on a new website, we hope you can use this guide as your starting point. Once you know which of the above categories your business fits into, get some new ideas from the corresponding examples. Before you know it, you’ll be making connections with clients and customers from all across the internet!

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