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24 Great Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Traffic

24 Great Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Traffic

According to MineWhat, 81% of customers use the internet to investigate possible products before making a purchase. The Acquity Group found that 94% of B2B buyers do the same thing. Not only are these customers researching, they also buy. By 2021, Statista expects global eCommerce to reach $4.5 trillion. Since we know that customers use the internet to find information about products and services, the importance of growing the traffic to your website becomes clear. If you want to make your business stand out online, we have some digital marketing ideas to get you started.

24 Digital Marketing Ideas to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Digital marketing ideas to build your campaigns

Tip 1. Use data to guide decisions

The amount of information we have at our fingertips about customers, what they like, and how they behave online is incredible. The era at guessing about what customers want to see from brands is over.

To really get your customers to your website, you need to let this data guide your decisions. Analyze how people act when they land on your site. Look at where they go and how much time they spend. See how often they return, what encourages conversion, and where people drop out of the buyer’s funnel.

The more information you can gather about consumer behavior, the easier it will be to make concrete, informed marketing decisions. You will streamline your efforts and waste less time because you will know where your strengths and weaknesses lie and what you can do to improve.

Tip 2. Look at past marketing success for future ideas

The past can be a great indication of future success. Look at the data and information you gathered from past marketing campaigns. See what themes and types of content drove the greatest success.

By looking at your past marketing success, you will be able to see exactly what excites and interests your customers. You will be able to use this to generate ideas for new campaigns that build off your best ones. The insights will guide your efforts and provide you with more actionable ideas.

Tip 3. Integrate your marketing channels

Customers today expect to have a consistent brand experience across the different channels. A survey from SDL found that the majority of Millennials reported wanting to see a consistent experience from the brand regardless of the channel where they interacted.

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