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7 Habits of a Self-Made Millennial Millionaire

7 Habits of a Self-Made Millennial Millionaire

Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, creators, and innovators have been defined by their routines and habits. There are many people who say that the way you start the day is what defines your success.

For millennia, those who have made a consistent effort to contribute change to the world have had a defined set of ways that they created their realities. Even Marcus Aurelius psyched himself up to do his work, meaning that, even two thousand years ago, the greatest philosophical minds in the world were secretly giving themselves pep talks to persevere. Taking responsibility for your own motivation and intentions is a timeless activity, and one that can lead to astronomical wins.

There are a few things in my repertoire that I have to credit with keeping me in alignment with my integrity and my goals. Given that I was able to become a self-made millionaire twice before the age of 30, I’m sharing some of my secrets in an effort to encourage you to be more, do more, and aim for more — because you’re in charge of getting there, and you’re also the only one who can hold you back.


To be straight up — so much of grinding until you shine has to do with taking really, really good care of yourself. Yeah, there will be times when you’re not sleeping much and pushing hard for what you love. But, it’s no excuse not to keep up with other healthy habits — a well-oiled machine is the one that travels farthest. Your game is on point when you’re on top of your game.

I remember the first time I saw Tony Robbins in New Jersey. Those of you who have now seen his pretty amazing documentary on Netflix are clear on all of the crazy habits he has, but really, they’re not that crazy. It’s just that they’re not common. That’s also because it’s uncommon for people to reach his level of success and presence. See the connection?

Here are seven ways that I make meaningful efforts to stay on top of my own rising:

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