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The Best Type of Social Network Is a Phone Call Away

The Best Type of Social Network Is a Phone Call Away

Think Facebook is the most powerful social network? Nope. Twitter? No way. LinkedIn? Think again.

Let me explain.

You probably know that building a network is a critical component of being successful in business.  Having the right people — and hopefully a lot of the right people — to provide introductions or spread the word about your products and services can create the difference between success and mediocrity in your business.

With technology, we have the opportunity to put our networks on steroids. We can friend, follow and link our way into a social network of hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people.

However, a couple of years ago, I found that a senior citizen’s network trumped all of that technology.

When I wrote my book, The Entrepreneur Equation, in 2011, I was blessed to have tons of wonderful people help me in varying degrees to promote the book and spread my important messages about approaching entrepreneurship. They tweeted, wrote blog posts, posted on Facebook and more. But even with all of the fabulously connected folks that I had in my network, one person stood out above all else in helping me market my book: my dad.

12 Weird and Wonderful Airbnb Listings, Including a New York Taxi and an Igloo

12 Weird and Wonderful Airbnb Listings, Including a New York Taxi and an Igloo

Nothing is guaranteed while on the road, other than adventure.

From a taxi to a parking lot, if you’ve got the pension for the outrageous, these peculiar Airbnb postings might just be the thing you’re looking for.

A parking lot bed

A parking lot bed

Image credit: Airbnb

If you’d like your own slice of paradise, check out this Airbnb listing for a cozy bed in the middle of a parking lot for $11.50 a night.

What Type of Side Hustle Should You Try? (Infographic)

What Type of Side Hustle Should You Try? (Infographic)

Need some extra cash? Try pursuing a side gig. Side businesses are not only great for the extra income, but they can also be a way to pursue your passions or share your expertise. Of course, figuring out which type of side business to pursue can be a challenge.

For starters, brainstorm all of your hobbies and passions and figure out if there’s a way to make some money off them. Do you like to make crafts? Try selling them on Etsy. If you’re into photography, try selling your images on Shutterstock. If you’re not sure that your passion can bring you some extra dough, think about your skills. If you have expertise on a certain subject, you can become a freelancer and accept projects on a case-by-case basis.

If you have a lot of time to dedicate to a side hustle, think about joining the gig economy and taking up a job such as driving for Uber or Lyft or walking dogs in your neighborhood. From renting out your room on Airbnb to doing others’ errands through TaskRabbit, there are endless options for side hustles you can try.

To learn more, check out QuidCorner’s infographic below.

Courtesy of: Quid Corner

8 Ways to Screw Up Your Marketing

8 Ways to Screw Up Your Marketing

Marketing is a terrible thing to waste (with apologies to the iconic campaign slogan). You work hard to build a reputation and generate positive word-of-mouth. But are you undermining your own efforts? Consider these common blunders.

1. Your marketing is about you. It should focus on your products and services, right? Well, no. It should focus on what your products and services do for your customers. The former is corporate-centric; the latter is customer-centric. Take yourself out of your marketing, and put your customer at the heart of it. In other words, make your customer–not your company–the hero of your story.

2. You market to yourself. You can mess things up if you make assumptions about your customers based on the preferences and behaviors of you or your friends. Your marketing could well end up discordant with your intended audience–out of touch with their true wants, needs, likes and behaviors. On that point …

3. You don’t know your audience. If you aren’t the target customer … well, who is? Invest the time and money to identify not just who your customers are but how they behave. How do they live and work? Where do they research purchases? Who influences their buying behavior–peers, review sites, Facebook friends? Have a clear and full picture of the individual you are trying to reach, aka your “buyer persona.”

4. You market by committee. Marketing is like parenting: Everyone believes they know how to do it effectively (especially those who don’t have children). The best way to neuter the know-it-alls is to have data to back up your plan. Stay away from the unfocused ideas tossed around by the group (which may include your boss!). You know who your customers are, you know how to reach them and you have insight into their mindset. Which is why you may have a problem if …

5. You don’t have customer data. I said this above. But it’s worth saying twice. Research, not opinion or gut instinct, should be the foundation of your marketing program. That doesn’t mean art and creativity have no role. Instead, think of data as giving you necessary insights into new opportunities, and the foundation of marketing that’s truly inspired (in every sense of the word).

6. You rely on example instead of analogy. Breakthrough marketing is often innovative in one industry, but it doesn’t have to be original to the whole world. As professor Mason Cooley said, “Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation.” So look at what other people or organizations are doing–sometimes those outside of business entirely. Marketing expert Seth Godin makes this point repeatedly, and it’s one I espouse. Don’t wait for a case study in your specific industry or vertical to prove the effectiveness of a marketing tactic. Rather, heed what Godin says on his blog: “Innovation is often the act of taking something that worked over there and using it over here.”

7. You aren’t shaping shared experiences. In our socially connected world, marketers and traditional media are no longer the sole influencers of purchases. Consumers today rely on the social web of their peers, so marketing becomes about enabling those connections. Are you encouraging and supporting interactions by rethinking the way you reach customers before they identify themselves to you as prospects? Listen on social media, have a search engine and content strategy and engage with potential customers. Which leads me to …

8. You’re keeping mum. If a customer reaches out to you on social media, do you respond, or is the inquiry met with silence? Customers expect real-time (or near-time) responses. “There’s this sort of window,” said Brian Solis, author of What’s the Future of Business?, in a recent MarketingProfs podcast. “When someone asks a question, regardless of where it is, if that answer doesn’t come within minutes or even hours, the likelihood or propensity to make a decision is greatly reduced. And at 24 hours, you can forget it.”

Top 10 Best Chatbot Platform Tools to Build Chatbots for Your Business

Top 10 Best Chatbot Platform Tools to Build Chatbots for Your Business

Chatbots are the new rage as more top brands are advancing the technology and integrating it into their chat systems. Big names such as Facebook and Telegram have already made moves in this arena by creating their own chatbots and chatbot platforms.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been trying to implement chatbots into my company Due. For many, chatbot marketing can sound overwhelmingly complicated, but a chatbot, not so much. It can truly save you enourments of time.

With numerous advancements and tools being created to make the process easy, making a chatbot does not seem out of the question. So, if you are thinking about jumping on the chatbot bandwagon, here are the top 10 platforms for you to know about.

Chattypeople is the best chatbot platform for creating an AI chatbot on Facebook with integrated Facebook commerce. With Chattypeople you can create a Facebook message both quickly and easily, no coding required. The platform’s simplicity makes it ideal for entrepreneurs and marketers in smaller companies, while its technology makes it suitable for enterprise customers. You can make a simple bot answering customer service questions or integrate it with Shopify to monetize your Facebook fan pages. ChattyPeople is where f-commerce and ai-commerce come together. Chattypeople is 100% free to get started.


MEOKAY is one of the top tools to create a conversational Messenger bot. It makes it easy for both skilled developers and non-developers to take part in creating a series of easy to follow steps. Within minutes, you can create conversational scenarios and build advanced dialogues for smooth conversations. Once you are done, link and launch your brand new chatbot.


Smooch acts as more of a chatbot connector that bridges your business apps, (ex: Slack and ZenDesk) with your everyday messenger apps (ex: Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc.) It links these two together by sending all of your Messenger chat notifications straight to your business apps, which streamlines your conversations into just one application. In the end, this can result in smoother automated workflows and communications across teams. These same connectors also allow you to create chatbots which will respond to your customer chats…. boom!


Botsify is another Facebook chatbot platform that helps make it easy to integrate chatbots into the system. Its paid subscription helps you in five easy steps. 1) Log into the site, 2) Connect your Facebook account, 3) Setup a webhook, 4) Write up commands for the chatbot you are creating, and 5) Let Botisfy handle the customer service for you. If the paid services are a little too much, they do offer a free service that lets you create as many bots as your lovely imagination can dream up.

Beep Boop

If you are looking for another paid platform, Beep Boop may be your next stop. It is a hosting platform that is designed for developers looking to make apps for Facebook Messenger and Slack specifically. First, set up your code using Github, the popular version control repository and Internet hosting service, then input it into the Beep Boop platform to link it with your Facebook Messenger or Slack application. The bots will then be able to interact with your customers with real-time chat and messaging.


Need a Facebook bot? Well, look no further, as Chatfuel makes it easy for you to create your own Facebook and Telegram Chatbot without any coding experience necessary. It works by letting users link to external sources through plugins. Eventually, the platforms hope to open itself to third-party plugins, so anyone can contribute their own plugins and have others benefit from them.

Facebook Messenger Platform

Have you checked out Facebook Messenger’s official page lately? Well, now you can start building your own bot directly through the platform’s landing page. This method though, may be a little bit more complicated than some of the previous ways we’ve discussed, but there are a lot of resources that Facebook Messenger provides in order to help you accomplish your brand new creation. Through full-fledged guides, case studies, a forum for Facebook developers, and more, you are sure to be a chatbot creating professional in no time.

Telegram Bots

Build a bot directly from one of the top messaging apps themselves. By building a bot in Telegram, you can easily run a bot in the application itself. The company recently open-sourced their chatbot code, making it easy for third-parties to integrate and create bots of their own. Their Telegram API, which they also built, can send customized notifications, news, reminders, or alerts. Integrate the API with other popular apps such as YouTube and Github for a unique customer experience.


A toolkit can be integral to getting started in building chatbots, so insert, BotKit. It gives a helping hand to developers making bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, and more. This BotKit can be used to create clever, conversational applications which map out the way that real humans speak. This essential detail differentiates from some of its other chatbot toolkit counterparts.


Last, but not least coming in with the bot platform for business is FlowXO, which creates bots for Messenger, Slack, SMS, Telegraph and the web. This platform allows for creating various flexibility in bots by giving you the option to create a fully automated bot, human, or a hybrid of both. ChatBot expert Murray Newlands commented that “Where 10 years ago every company needed a website and five  years ago every company needed an app, now every company needs to embrace messaging with AI and chatbots.”

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

Want to know what happens to people who spend their whole lives dreaming about fame and fortune, reading about others’ success and accomplishments, and following a who’s who of the influential elite in the hope that some of their magic will rub off them?

Not a whole lot. Dreaming, reading, and following will get you nowhere. The only way to achieve any of that stuff is by doing.

If you fit the above description, you’ve essentially got two options. You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and end up poor and bitter, or open your eyes, change your behavior, and get out and make something of yourself, while there’s still time.

Judging by the demographics of Entrepreneur’s audience (your average age is actually 45), at least half of you still have time to change your ways. Maybe this will be your wakeup call.

Look, it’s fine to want to be successful, but success is not a goal; it’s an outcome of a lifetime of hard work and perseverance. It comes from years of education and experience developing an expertise and learning how things work. It comes from pursuing opportunities, building relationships, making smart choices, being disciplined, and focusing on what matters. It comes from hard-fought wins and gut-wrenching losses.

If you’re starting to get the picture that it’s a long, hard road to achieve such a lofty outcome, then you’re getting closer to the truth. And the truth is that you’ll never become rich and famous by obsessing over becoming rich and famous. You’ll only get there by focusing on the here and now. You have to work on accomplishing one thing at time in real time.

Now I bet some of you are thinking that it’s good to have goals to shoot for and that learning what worked for others will help you get there. That may be true, but for goals to be effective, they have to be far more practical and specific than that. And none of the popular click-bait content will tell you what it really takes to make it big.

This is how success happens in the real world:

1. First, your parents teach you about work ethic, personal accountability, and making smart choices.

2. Then you go to school, get an education, and learn the basics about a field of study.

3. You go out and get a job (hopefully in your field but maybe not yet) and learn how the real world works, how companies work, how business works, and most of all, how people work.

4. Over time, you develop some expertise, build relationships, gain exposure to new opportunities, and figure out what you really enjoy doing, so that’s what you decide to focus on. Most of all, you learn from experience and others.

5. You face lots of hurdles – some you overcome while others trip you up. You learn lessons from gut-wrenching defeats and gain confidence from exciting victories. And through it all you work hard, compete, and stick with it.

6. If you make smart decisions and follow a path that’s right for you, in time, you’ll do some great work and achieve some big things. And one day you’ll look back, realize you did pretty well for yourself, and feel good about it. Then you’ll get back to work.

It doesn’t always work exactly like that – we all end up screwing up and maybe repeating a step or two – but for the most part, that’s what success looks like in the real world. In one form or another, this is what everyone who gets anywhere in life goes through to get there.

Notice that nowhere does it say anything about screwing around reading silly self-help-style books and blogs, posting dumb quotes on social media, following self-proclaimed “influencers,” or wasting precious time with popular fads about leadership, entrepreneurship, or the personal habits of millionaires.

Now, don’t get me wrong: We all have our moments, we all have our weaknesses, and we all make mistakes. Just don’t make it a habit. And, of course, we all need to have fun and have a life. But nowhere is it written that your work can’t also be fun. Nowhere does it say that your work can’t be a big part of what makes your life worth living.

We all have the potential for a fulfilling life, but only if we get out and live it. And the same goes for your work. So quit dreaming and start doing.



About the Blog: Learn more about your favourite city which is none other than Paris and how good it is to visit the city in winters. Thus presenting the 5 Delightful Places to Explore in Paris in Winters with your loved ones.


Paris, the name itself is enough to fill your minds up with the thoughts of dreamy locations and scrumptious cuisine. Paris is also the most visited city in the world. France’ capital, Paris comprises of huge population and there is no shortage of visitors/travellers/explorers who come here. The extraordinary landmarks and the exquisite cuisine that are found in this city cannot be seen anywhere else. That is what makes Paris special for the travellers and they never want to cease exploring this fascinating city. Paris has forever been that one city which is desired by every traveller across the world.


Regarded as the romantic destination for couples or the dreamiest ones for the singles, Paris is always a pleasure to explore. Enlisted below are the 5 Delightful Places to Explore in Paris in Winter Season. Go through the list and prepare yourselves for the most magical vacation of your lifetime.


1- Notre Dame Cathedral

An architectural marvel, Notre Dame Cathedral has been standing on the grounds of Paris since forever. Millions of people gather to observe this captivating beauty and to pray inside the cathedral. Notre Dame Cathedral is certainly one of the most iconic buildings in the city of Paris.




2- Eiffel Tower

The monument which basically represents Paris is none other than the incredible Eiffel Tower. Around 324 m high, the Eiffel Tower’s width is nearly 125 m which automatically makes it the tallest structure in the city. The Eiffel Tower is also counted as amidst the wonders of the world is exceptionally beautiful.




3- Louvre Museum

The famous Pyramid designed structure is also known as the Louvre Museum, one of the finest locations to visit in Paris. The enormous crowd can be seen enlightening themselves with the rich history, art, culture and music that is the trademark of this enchanting city. The Louvre Museum thus is a must-visit.




4- Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is the perfect location for those who need to relax and rejuvenate their souls. This place consists of the following: theatrical entertainment that features music, song, dance, recitation, and drama. Also surrounding the Moulin Rouge are these: pub, casino, restaurant, nightclub




5- Le Marais

Get to witness the intriguing Jewish culture that is present in the Le Marias. Take a stroll at this location and become a fundamental part of the culture that resides in the area. Le Marias takes the explorers on an incredible ride into the past when the Jews used to live in those areas.




These are the places that you must explore in the winter season in the captivating city of Paris. Dreamy as it already is, Paris is equally soothing for those who seek solitude and what better season than winters to explore Paris in complete peace your loved ones. For more fun within your budgets connect with Country Holidays Inn & Suites. Get access to a diverse range of holiday memberships and exclusive vouchers as well.



About the Blog: Vacationing becomes perfect once you get to know about any place in a much better way. Get to know about the 5 Amazing Things to Experience in Leh-Ladakh in 2019 with your family, friends or even solo.


Everyone wants to go on trips to the unknown lands, where they have never been to before. But only a few of them actually get to execute their plans. Vacations are extremely special for people, this is because of the moments of joy they get to spend with their family and friends. One of India’s most captivating destination is the Leh-Ladakh where millions of travellers/explorers can be seen having the best time of their lives. Travelling with family or friends is always exciting because of the fun time people get to enjoy which has nowadays become impossible for them to pursue. Go on for an exciting vacation with your loved ones to the most popular town in terms of tourism.


And when it’s a trip to Leh-Ladakh, it automatically becomes interesting. There are so many things to explore in Leh-Ladakh plus the abundance of nature. If you enjoy staying amidst nature, then the Leh-Ladakh trip is perfect for you. Here are the 5 Amazing Things to Experience in Leh-Ladakh in 2019:


1- The Chadar Trek


The Chadar Trek is certainly one of the favourites of the explorers. People love to go on trekking at this beautiful place. Those who have a keen interest in trekking and other such adventurous outdoor activities. Also, the view of the surroundings is spell-binding and will leave you amazed.


The Chadar Trek


2- Explore the Khardung La Pass


The elevated Khardung La Pass is a dream place for every biker or an enthusiastic traveller. Since the Khardung La Pass is an elevated pass, travellers must always carry a medical kit with them. Apart from that, there isn’t any specific thing to worry about, in fact after the snowfall, the area becomes even more beautiful.




3- The Magnetic Hill


This is a mysterious location wherein if you park your vehicle at a certain point, it starts moving forward on its own. The Magnetic Hill, as it is termed to be, has become famous because of this intriguing phenomenon that occurs over here. Many travellers can be seen exploring this point with keen interest.




4- Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary


Enjoy Exploring Wildlife? Well, the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary is for you to explore.There is a diverse range of flora and fauna present in the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary which is absolutely wonderful. Inside the sanctuary, there are some unique species of animals too, which are mesmerising.




5- Night-Time Exploration at Lamayuru Monastery


Leh-Ladakh is full of many beautiful monasteries which attract more than thousands of travellers from all across the world. One of these is the Lamayuru Monastery which is, in particular, popular for the night-time exploration that takes place here. Watch the skies full with millions of celestial objects that provide an outstanding.




Therefore, these are the 5 Amazing Things to Experience in Leh-Ladakh in 2019 which people must surely explore. Apart from these, there are numerous other places, locations and landmarks where people can travel when exploring Leh-Ladakh. Undoubtedly, this is one of the coolest locations to travel to, be it for the youth, or for the others as well. Visit these mesmerising areas in India’s most preferred holiday destination which is Leh-Ladakh. For much more fascinating vacations, connect with Country Holidays Inn & Suites and begin your moment of joy, the thing that you have always been dreaming of.

Want To Travel In 2021 or 2022? Now’s The Time To Start Planning

Want To Travel In 2021 or 2022? Now’s The Time To Start Planning

2020 is finally over and 2021 has arrived. But even with vaccines starting to be distributed, the pandemic is still going strong, both in the United States and elsewhere around the world. As transmission rates and a harrowing death tally climb ever higher, in addition to the new, more contagious strain of COVID-19 starting to pop up around the world, the CDC and most government and health organizations are still cautioning against unnecessary travel, especially overseas. However, you may have heard the rumblings that travel could start picking up again come summer 2021 or toward the end of the year and are wondering if you could start planning or booking a trip in that time frame. This has largely emerged as an option since infectious disease experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci have said that, should enough people start receiving the vaccine once it’s more widely available, the U.S. could start to see early signs of herd immunity come spring or summer, which opens the door to travel and the beginning of a return of “normal” life from the summer onward. But that’s all still a big “if” as it depends on wide-spread vaccination and people continuing to follow guidelines like wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and staying home as much as possible.

After a long year stuck at home, though, it’s completely understandable that you want to know when you can take a well-deserved vacation. And the thought of planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip so far in the future with so many unknown variables is hard; why plan and book a trip months in advance when one can just wait and see how the next six months play out and make plans then? Sure, you can do that, but there are actually many good reasons to go ahead and start planning and booking a trip for mid-to-late 2021 or 2022.

First, do your research

Before doing anything, it’s important to make sure you’re up-to-date on the current COVID situation where you are and where you’re interested in traveling. The CDC website has a comprehensive map showing COVID-19 risk levels in countries around the world, divided into “Very High,” “High,” “Moderate,” “Low,” and “Unknown” levels. Clicking on each country, you’ll see whether the CDC recommends travel there, as well as any entry requirements the country may have, such as a negative COVID-19 test or requiring that all in-bound travelers quarantine after arrival. This information is continually being updated so that you can stay informed and make educated decisions.

With overseas travel being riskier than traveling locally, national or regional travel will once again be a top travel trend for 2021, especially road trips. With local travel — especially by vehicle — being easier to plan and make itinerary changes on than a large international trip, traveling safely within your region or state is likely to be a popular option.

Above all, always listen to what health and safety experts in your area and around the world are recommending in terms of travel. While travel advisors and the overall travel industry have been equally thoughtful and cautious about recommending travel, not wanting to put lives at risk or create unrealistic expectations about timelines, listening to experts is a must. For any kind of travel, national or international, refer to CDC guidelines for their health and safety recommendations. And whether traveling for work, necessity, or fun, always wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands.


You may be thinking, “If I want to travel in 2021 or 2022, why should I book now? Shouldn’t I wait to see what the situation is?” While the second part of that rhetorical question is answered below, the answer to the first is because of availability. When COVID-19 hit, a wave of cancellations swept through the travel industry, but many people were also willing to push their travel dates into 2021 or 2022. That means there may be entire weeks to months at hotels, resorts, and popular destinations that have already filled up. So if you want to guarantee good travel dates and access to the accommodations and activities of your choice, it’s better to book soon to guarantee availability.

Flexible cancellation and postponement policies

Everyone from airlines to cruises to tour operators have changed their policies pertaining to booking, postponing, or canceling a service, making them more flexible than ever. The exact policies vary by company, but the gist with most is that, within a set amount of time, you can easily cancel or change dates for your travel with no extra fees. You can even find “book now and decide later” policies that allow you to book a trip without set dates and just wait and see when the best time to travel is. The new policies are extremely consumer-oriented and make it extremely easy to adjust your travel plans for these rapidly changing times; if there’s a sudden surge of COVID-19 cases in your area right before your trip or the destination you were planning to visit decides to shut down again, you can change plans. Knowing that you’re not going to be saddled with fees and extra charges for changing travel dates makes it easier to take the jump and book a trip.

Great deals and rates

Every sector of the travel industry is desperate for travelers and the money they bring right now, so in looking to next year and beyond, many hotels, tour operators, airlines, and cruises are offering great deals to entice travelers to reserve a trip in advance. From special discounts or rates during select time frames to great perks, you’re bound to find some amazing deals out there if you start looking.

Support the travel industry

Another key reason why you should invest the time and money in booking a future trip now: It helps support the travel industry in the meantime. The big hotel chains, resorts, cruises, and airlines may be able to survive a tough year, but what about the small boutique hotel with slim margins? The family-owned-and-operated tour company? The workers and communities that depend on annual tourism revenue? Studies have shown that one in eleven people works in a job related to tourism, and with nearly the entire industry shut down due to COVID-19, that’s millions of people out of work for the foreseeable future. Booking a future trip provides a direct cash infusion to all the different sectors of a destination. Book a tour and you’ll be supporting trip planners, tour guides, drivers, and more. Book a hotel and you’ll be helping the hotel stay afloat and retain staff. If we want to be able to get back out there and travel once it’s safe to do so, there needs to be an industry there to support that demand, so booking now for future trips throws the travel industry a lifeline during these turbulent times.

Gives you something to look forward to

The thought of finally packing your suitcase, heading to the airport, walking down that jet bridge, settling into your seat, and feeling the anticipation of an adventure wash over you … we all want that right now. We’re going to have to be patient for longer, but do you know what makes the waiting easier? Having something to look forward to. Even if it’s still some ways in the future, knowing you have a great trip already planned, booked, and paid for means that you’ve done your part. You can spend the beginning of 2021 safely at home, following local health and safety mandates and waiting for your turn to get the vaccine, and when the time arrives, you’re all good to go. Counting down the months and weeks to a new trip helps the time fly by, so even if the thought of booking a trip for later this year or even early next year feels like an exercise in torture, you’ll reap the benefits come travel time.

Public Holidays in India 2021: Check out the complete list and plan your holidays accordingly

Public Holidays in India 2021: Check out the complete list and plan your holidays accordingly

New Delhi: As the year 2020 winds down, we would all be looking forward to 2021. While 2020 was saddled by the burden of COVID-19 pandemic that restricted our travel plans, one hopes that the coming year will be better.

The information regarding public holidays becomes really handy on two occassions –when you want to take a quick retreat (in case of long weekends) and when you want to go on a planned leave.

These holidays are as per the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions. The holiday list is categorised on the basis of Gazetted Holidays (denoted by G) as well as some very popular Restricted Holidays.

Month Holiday
January 1 New Year
January 13 Lohri
January 14 Makar Sankranti/Pongal
January 20 Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday
January 26 Republic Day (G)
February 16 Basant Panchami / Sri Panchami
February 19 Shivaji Jayanti
February 26 Hazarat Ali’s Birthday
February 27 Guru Ravidas’s Birthday
March 8 Swami Dayananda Saraswati Jayanti
March 11 Maha Shivaratri
March 28 Holika Dahan/Dolyatra
March 29 Holi  (G)
April 2 Good Friday (G)
April 13 Chaitra Sukladi/ Gudi Padava/ Ugadi/Cheti Chand/ Vaisakhi/ Vishu
April 21 Ram Navami (G)
April 25 Mahavir Jayanti (G)
May 1 Labour Day
May 14 Eid-ul-Fitar (G)
May 26 Buddha Purnima (G)
July 12 Rath Yatra
July 21 Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid) (G)
August 15 Independence Day (G)
August 19 Muharram (G)
August 21 Onam
August 22 Raksha Bandhan
August 30 Janamashtami (G)
September 10 Vinayaka Chaturthi
October 2 Gandhi Jayanti (G)
October 15 Dussehra (G)
October 19 Milad-un-Nabi or Id-e-Milad (G)
November 4 Diwali (G)
November 6 Bhai Duj
November 19 Gurupurab  (G)
December 25 Christmas (G)

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