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Hostinger vs Bluehost: Choosing the Best Web Hosting

Hostinger vs Bluehost: Choosing the Best Web Hosting

Whether you’re new to owning a website or you’re a seasoned pro, you want your hosting provider to be both reliable and affordable. Hostinger and Bluehost can certainly offer such services. However, which one should you choose?

We’ll compare the following factors between Hostinger vs Bluehost:

  • Shared hosting plans and pricing
  • VPS and WordPress hosting options
  • UI features and customer support

Hopefully, this article will help you make the right decision. With that in mind, let’s get started.

Hostinger vs Bluehost: Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing

Shared web hosting is a popular option for beginners and professionals alike. In short, it is when numerous websites share the same physical server and receive a set amount of resources, such as memory, and bandwidth.

It’s great for building your first website because it’s affordable and an ideal option for those who are just starting out.

Hostinger and Bluehost provide top-tier shared web hosting services with excellent security, so let’s take a detailed look at what shared hosting plans they offer.

Hostinger – Powerful Yet AffordableHostinger web hosting landing page

Hostinger offers affordable hosting, without sacrificing the quality of features offered.

Our shared hosting plans start at $0.99/month for their Single plan. It comes with a free SSL certificate, 100 GB of bandwidth, 10 GB of disk space, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This plan is ideal for those who are just starting out.

If you need more processing power and memory, you can opt for the Premium plan at $2.89/month. It comes with unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name, unlimited number of websites, and email addresses for all your different projects.

If you’re a small business owner, our Business shared hosting plan is just $3.99/month — the plan comes with all the features mentioned above, plus daily backups and four times the processing power and memory to ensure your site runs smoothly.

What’s more, we include the 30-day money-back guarantee with all of your purchases so you can try it out to see if you like it.

Bluehost — Scales With YouBluehost web hosting landing page

Bluehost has shared hosting plans for each step of your project needs.

To begin with, the Basic plan starts off at $3.95/month, providing 50GB of SSD storage for one website, unlimited bandwidth, and a domain name included. This is suitable if you’re only planning to work on a single project.

Their most recommended plan, Choice Plus, is $6.95/month and comes with unlimited bandwidth, storage, websites, and domains. You also get site backups, domain privacy and protection, and a free 30-day subscription to Office 365 mailbox for your emails.

If that’s not enough for your project, you can upgrade to the Pro plan at $13.95/month. It includes all of the above, plus has high performance, Spam Experts, and a dedicated IP. This plan is more suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

All Bluehost plans come with a free SSL certificate, resource protection to ensure fair use of memory and processing power, and lots of options to help your site scale if needed.

Hostinger vs Bluehost: VPS, WordPress Hosting and Other Plans

For more power and resources, Hostinger vs Bluehost each have different kinds of web hosting plans for you, including:

  • VPS hosting — virtual private server for more storage, bandwidth, and other resources for their websites.
  • WordPress hosting — hosting service designed specifically to work alongside WordPress.

Now, let’s compare what Hostinger vs Bluehost has to offer.

Hostinger Has a Plan For EveryoneHostinger wordpress hosting options

Hostinger has different web hosting services to suit your needs. For instance, our WordPress plans range from $2.15/month for their Starter plan to $14.95/month for their WP Business plan.

The main differences between these are the amount of available disk space, backups, storage, and bandwidth.

Our WordPress plans come with Cloudflare protection, LiteSpeed’s cache engine, and a free SSL certificate so you can be sure your WordPress site is secure. You’ll also get access to a dedicated WordPress support team that offers live chat, and tons of articles to help you if you run into any trouble.

VPS hosting plans range from $3.95/month to $29.95/month depending on CPU power, RAM memory, and SSD disk space needed. To help you choose the right plan for you, we have a handy plan comparison tool to make your decision easier.

Other web hosting services that we offer include:

  • Cloud hosting — uses different servers to maximize uptime. This is perfect for large scale projects.
  • eCommerce hosting — works well with eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop to get your online store up and running.
  • Minecraft hosting — play with others on your own dedicated Minecraft server.

Bluehost Has Dedicated HostingBluehost VPS hosting plan

Bluehost’s VPS hosting services start from $19.99/month to $59.99/month per month. With VPS plans, you get at least 30 GB of SSD storage, up to 8 GB of RAM, and terabytes of bandwidth. Plans also come with your own IP addresses, which is great if you’re planning on building a business

For WordPress hosting, Bluehost offers plans that include unlimited websites, and domains in case you have more than one project. They also have marketing tools to help you grow your site. You can unlock these features with their WP Grow plan at $29.95/month.

Finally, Bluehost offers dedicated hosting services, perfect for large scale projects that need lots of resources such as RAM and storage. For the highest available options in performance, security, and control, Bluehost dedicated hosting plans range from $79.99 to $119.99/month.

Hostinger vs Bluehost: Which One Has the Best Performance?

When choosing a web hosting provider, specs like speed, uptime, and security are important as they affect the overall performance and visibility of your website on search engines.

Let’s see how Hostinger vs Bluehost compares with performance.

Hostinger Has a 99.9% Uptime and Fast Loading SpeedsHostinger uptime

Here at Hostinger, we guarantee 99.9% uptime for our users. This is made possible by having data centers across the globe, so you can be sure wherever your visitors are, they will enjoy fast loading speeds.

Each plan comes with LiteSpeed Cache on the latest Cloud Linux server platform as well, to further increase efficiency, stability, and uptime.

We also offer incremental backups, predictive monitoring via Prometheus to prevent incidents before they even occur, and a WAF on each server to protect against data theft.

Bluehost Has a High Average UptimeBluehost uptime when looking at hostinger vs bluehost

Although Bluehost does not have a guaranteed uptime, it still delivers a high-average uptime. It also has data centers around the world, however, most of them are focused in North America and Europe.

To further improve the performance of the service, Bluehost also employs Cloudflare content delivery network to increase the performance of your site. On top of this, they use resource protection measures to ensure you always have the memory or bandwidth needed.

Bluehost also offers features to increase its overall security — these include CodeGuard to backup your information daily in case of any disasters, and SiteLock to defend against malware and threats.

Hostinger vs Bluehost: Overall User Experience and Support

Let’s face it — when you’ve got a project on your hands, time is of the essence. It’s important to have a hosting service that both is easy to use and that saves you time, even if you don’t have a lot of technical skills at hand.

You also want a great support team to have your back in case you run into any problems.

Both Hostinger and Bluehost offer a user-friendly experience with great customer support, so let’s compare them head-to-head.

Hostinger — Made for Any Skill LevelHostinger customer success team for hostinger vs bluehost

Hostinger was made for everyone. Whether you’ve got some technical skill or you’re just starting out, it’s super easy to set up your web hosting service with Hostinger.

Simply choose your desired plan, register your domain name, and complete your payment.

You’ll then be taken to our hPanel — it’s simple and modern design makes it easy for anyone to navigate. You can then install the applications you need, such as WordPress, with their one-click installer. Don’t want to use WordPress? You can try our website builder for free.

If you need help, check out their knowledge base or tutorials. Their global support team has a very live chat team to answer any questions, at any time.

Bluehost Has Phone SupportBluehost chat support for hostinger vs bluehost

Bluehost is always ready to answer your questions. You can have a live chat with their support team or call them directly. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also try their knowledge base which has hundreds of tutorials and FAQs about everything that is hosting.

There are lots of step-by-step video tutorials on Bluehost’s YouTube page as well.

How to Move from Bluehost to Hostinger?

If you’re ready to make your decision, here are some ways you can migrate your website to Hostinger.

If your WordPress site is less than 500 MB in size, here’s an easy way to extract your files using the All-in-One-WP Migration plugin.

Before you do that, it’s important to delete any caching plugins you might have. This is especially important as we use our own caching software called LiteSpeed Cache, so using your own may result in incompatibility issues.

Once this is done, go to Plugins and install All-in-One WP Migration. Once you see it in your WordPress dashboard, go ahead and click Export. Go to Export To and click File, then Download the file to your computer.

You can then go onto your new Hostinger account, set up WordPress, and install the All-in-One WP Migration plugin again. Once you have it on your WordPress dashboard, just click Import and upload the file you downloaded earlier.

All that’s left to do is to point your domain name over to Hostinger and you’re done.

If your website is larger than 500 MB, you’ll have to do it manually.

Firstly, check the type of site you have:

  • Not using MySQL databases — upload your files to the public_html folder on your server.
  • PHP-based website — check that the domain name or path to the files can be set.

If your site does use MySQL databases, here’s what you need to do:

1. Backup Your Website on Bluehost

You can do this by using the MySQL backup tool or logging into phpMyAdmin. 

Simply select your database and click on the Export tab.

Now Save the files to your computer as a compressed zipped file, wait for it to load, and you’ve successfully backed up your database.

More information about this can be found in this tutorial.

2. Import Your Website Files and Database Into Hostinger

The next step is to create a database on our system. Once you’ve done that, enter your website’s Control Panel and click MySQL Databases. Create a new database and user there, and remember to write down your MySQL details.

Once that’s done, click on phpMyAdmin on your control panel and go to the Import tab. Upload the backup file from your computer and click Go.

The database restoration process will now begin and may take a while depending on the size of your file.

For more information about this, you can check out this tutorial.

3. Update Configuration Files

When the database has successfully been restored, open the configuration file (e.g., wp-config.php).

Remember the MySQL details you wrote down earlier? Use it now to update the following:

  • Database host
  • Database name
  • Database username
  • Database passwords

Hostinger’s MySQL host is

For more information about this step, check out our tutorial.

4. Point or Transfer Your Domain to Hostinger

To finish off the migration process, all you need to do is point your domain name to Hostinger.

You can do this by finding the domain nameservers for your Hostinger account, then logging into your domain registrar’s control panel. 

Go to the DNS Zone Editor and delete all the values from the nameserver fields, if there is any. Then input Hostinger’s nameservers and save your changes.

If you want to fully transfer your domain name to Hostinger, make sure you meet these requirements:

  1. You have full ownership and control over the domain name you are transferring to Hostinger.
  2. The domain name is older than 60 days and is unlocked at the current domain registrar.
  3. The domain was not transferred between registrars within the last 60 days.
  4. Privacy protection is disabled.
  5. You have a vail EPP/Auth code from your current registrar.
  6. Your domain is pointing to Hostinger (as mentioned above).

Transferring your domain name isn’t necessary, but it may simplify the process later on since your site is already on Hostinger.

In Conclusion, Which Web Hosting Suits Your Needs the Best?

In this article we’ve looked at Hostinger vs Bluehost on these features:

  • Shared hosting plans and pricing options
  • VPS, WordPress and other types of plans available
  • Performance, overall user experience, and customer support

Bluehost offers a great user experience with great performance. However, the starting prices may be a little steep if you are just starting out. For that reason, Bluehost may be better suited for small to medium-sized business owners.

We, on the other hand, offer great performance and customer support — without breaking the bank. Hostinger is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable option that does not compromise on features.

We hope this article has been useful to you when deciding between Hostinger vs Bluehost.

What do you think of these two options? Let us know in the comments below.


Top 10 Benefits of Professional Web Hosting For Businesses

Top 10 Benefits of Professional Web Hosting For Businesses

If you are operating a business which works online then it is mandatory for you to have a professional web hosting. A right web hosting service can play a huge role in the growth of the company. It helps businesses in getting incredible results.

A professional web hosting provides you a number of benefits such as technical support and web security that lacks in low-level web hosting services. Apart from this, you will also get the advantage of restoration and backup features with pro web hosting for your business.

When you acquire professional web hosting services it is a confirmation that your website will be up every time along with the latest up-gradations and updates.

Here we are presenting some more benefits which you receive after going with professional web hosting.

1. Reliability
Nowadays there are many web hosting providers. Therefore it is challenging for you to choose the best amongst them. Of course, you can go with some underperformed affordable services from a renowned web hosting service provider but it is just like trying to swim in an empty pool. By which we mean that you think that no one will visit and look after your website.

This signifies that these services are not highly reliable and can easily be hacked as they do not provide any robust security measures. You can definitely save some bucks on this hosting but it is not worth to invest in these kinds of hosting as it might affect the performance of your website.

Therefore going with professional web hosting is a much better option for your business needs.

2. Technical Support
Many startup businesses do not emphasize much on the importance of technical customer support but it is an essential aspect of your website that you should not ignore. Even a small technical glitches can shut down your website for a longer period due to lack of proper customer support to fix up the problem.

You might lose a huge number of web traffic that might result in revenue loss. On the other side with professional web hosting, you get round the clock technical support by the professionals who will resolve your issues quickly and make sure you get maximum uptime.

3. Data Management
Whenever you go with professional web hosting, you get complete control over content management. You can post articles as per your choice and decide how they will appear. There are also no limitations regarding the number of ads to post.

These are some quality advantages which you will not get with any normal web hosting service. You shall bear more charges from it and they might even expect something in return for hosting the website.

With professional hosting, you need not worry about the amount of data. You can add any number of pages to your website.

4. Unlimited Space
When you go with free web hosting services, usually, you get a fixed amount of bandwidth and space with lots of limitations. It creates a number of issues which may hamper your brand loyalty among the customers.

With professional web hosting, you get the option to choose any amount of data space as per your requirements and also upgrade or downgrade the same according to the level of scalability of your business. It helps in getting moderate growth in website traffic that positively affects your business.

5. Email and Domain
To build brand loyalty, every web hosting service provider provides at least one domain name to the clients. If you take services from free web hosting providers, your reputation may get at stake because these free web hosting services might use a subdomain that promotes their services instead of yours.

There is also a limit on the number of emails accounts to choose. In professional web hosting, you will not face issues of such kinds and you can pick your email accounts as well as domain.

6. Design and Style
Same as domains, when you opt out the services of free website services, you have the restrictions for the selection of designs and templates. This also makes your website look unprofessional.

On the other side, a professionally hosted web service allows you to get an unrestricted access for designing the website and its related technologies. This lets you have the designing and infrastructure creativity. This helps you experiment with the different design layouts before finalizing the one best suited for your website.

7. SEO Opportunities
Free hosting services do not provide you with many opportunities related to SEO that makes it difficult for businesses to rank their websites on the top of web results on search engines. When you acquire professional web hosting services, you get almost complete control over the SEO practices.

You can create content as per your choice and optimize SEO processes for a longer duration.

8. More Security
By using professional web hosting services, you can enjoy stronger security privileges with the help of more advanced tools and the availability of professional system engineers who are responsible for the security concerns.

Some of the important security measures used by professional web services include virus scanning, security audits, spam filtering and OS updates. Moreover, these can fix all the security related loopholes and prevent your server from external attacks.

9. Data Recovery
This is one of the best advantages of hiring a professional web hosting service. It is always important for you to keep your data secured with regular backups and up to dated ones because losing your data means it losing your reputation.

Professional web hosting always ensures that your data is properly backed up and can be retrieved whenever the need be.

10. Save Your Money and Time
For business people, it is essential to save time and money. With professional web hosting service, you have the opportunity to save time and money as you will get the services of experts who will be responsible for managing your servers. You can easily concentrate on your business growth.

What Is Importance of Web Hosting For A Website

What Is Importance of Web Hosting For A Website

Having a reliable web hosting for your site is important for having the best online presence. There are many web hosting organizations that will help you to have such a hosting. It is an important step in how your site is presented to your customers.

What Is Web Hosting
Before going into the depth of why web hosting is important to let us see what actually web hosting is. The website files are stored on a remote server and that computer server is called the host. You have to pay a certain amount of fee for having such hosting from a reputed hosting company.

The Importance of Having Such Hosting
Let us now have a look at the various reasons which makes having such hosting important for a website.

Lesser Downtime: Downtime is the period when your site may not be accessible to a visitor. This time may be a few seconds or even hours. During this time you may be losing many business opportunities which may have come your way. If you have web hosting from reputed hosting organization then it can be said with certainty that you will be having lesser or no downtime. So you will not have an impression of unreliability upon your customer.

Organized E-mails: You may be using separate e-mails and online accounts for your business correspondences. The web hosting package that you select will include such e-mail links to your site. Having such inclusion will help you to organize those e-mails and separate them from other correspondence that you have. Moreover, your e-mail address will be more memorable as it will match your website.
Ability to Deal Huge Traffic: It may so happen that when you are having maximum traffic to your site your site temporarily faces a downtime. But if you have dedicated web hosting then such incidents will not happen and you will have the ability to manage maximum traffic to your site.

Effective Maintenance of Hardware: When you have web hosting from a reputed service provider then you do not have to bother with the maintenance of hardware. They will be effectively handled by the service provider. They will be allocating a number of servers on both sides and if one fails it will automatically transferred to the other. This will also enable you to have a lesser amount of data loss.
Enhanced Marketing: It can easily be said that if you have a better web hosting you will have greater marketing opportunities. Incidents like this will not happen that when your client is searching for a product or is about to make a payment for an order your site faces a downtime. An incident like this will generally lessen your chance of having better business. That particular potential customer will find another site which has proper web hosting and buys the product from there. But if you have such a web hosting then that potential client would have been your valued customer.

It can be seen how important it is to have effective web hosting for having a better online presence and enhancement of business.



Any successful business will have a successful website at its foundations. In this day and age, you can’t skip out on good website hosting services for this very reason. How are you to have a successful, profitable online presence, if you have a poor website that suffers downtime? It’s a no-brainer. There are plenty of ways that you can gain good web hosting, but why should you bother?

Here are the reasons why you should invest in good web hosting for your business:

Increase website load time
It is not a good idea to allow your website to be slow and amateur. A fast website offers a better user experience overall for the user, which is imperative to how they feel about your site and your business. This is important because a sluggish website will put visitors off, and make them less likely to stay, thus increasing your website’s bounce rates. But with a fast website with good web hosting, visitors are more likely to convert. They will be pleased with how responsive the site is, and therefore they will stay longer and are more likely to convert into customers (or whatever the means for the website is).

Less likely to have website down time
A poor web host will mean your website it more likely to suffer by being unavailable or disrupted. It is common knowledge that a site with poor web hosting is likely to suffer issues because the host will not protect the website. If your site goes down then you can lose customers, lose revenue, and lose their trust.

Better security (https)
Hosting with a secure IP address and good web hosting company means you are on your way to enabling HTTPS on your site. This offers a more secure site where sensitive information is protected. This is also known as SSL (Secure Socket Layers). What this all means is that any information that passes through your website is automatically encrypted, thus hidden from the wider web. Hackers won’t be able to get their hands on the sensitive, personal, or private information from your site.

Frequent website backups if anything were to go wrong
A professional web hosting platform that has a reputation will protect your website because they will back up your data. This means that you can restore your information after an attack or issue by using these backed up files from your web host. It’s the secure, responsible thing to do.

Better support if anything were to go wrong
The issue with poor web domain hosting is that if anything does go wrong, you won’t be properly supported through it. You could lose your information, your stats, and your business, generally, if something goes wrong with the site and you can’t fix it. Any website downtime or disruptions can mean very bad things in the way of stats, search engine rankings, and conversions, so get ahead of the issue.

Get good web hosting beforehand and they can support you. This is with technical support, back-ups of your data, and knowhow and tools when something is disrupted.

Search engine rankings & SEO
If your website is down often when search engines are trying to visit and analyse it, then your ranking will be badly affected. Alongside the downtime affects, it is believed that a slow site can also harm your rank on search engines. So, it is in your best interest to invest in professional website hosting platforms in order to ensure you get accurate and the best possible search engine rankings.

So, how much should good website hosting cost?
Affordable web hosting is out there, you just have to search for it. Website hosting companies offer different hosting packages and cheap website hosting isn’t always best. Our advice is to find out your exact requirements needed for your type of website, for example do you need My SQL, PHP or (S)FTP hosting? How big is your website database, how much traffic does your website receive? The answers to these questions will decipher whether you need a managed dedicated server hosting or whether a shared hosting package would provide the best web hosting for your domain and website.

We at SEM Consultants can help you with your website design, web hosting, and maintenance if you are now ready to take your website and your business to the next level. It doesn’t make any sense to go with a cheap provider and poor web host that will only result in issues for you and your business. So, make the right choice and get in touch with our team to learn how good web hosting and a great website can take you further.

Best Hosting servers of 2020 for your websites

Best Hosting servers of 2020 for your websites

1. Bluehost web hosting – 4/5 – Best overall

2. HostGator web hosting – 4/5 – Best value for money

3. InMotion web hosting – 4/5

4. Hostinger web hosting – 4/5 – Best for business

5. GoDaddy web hosting – 4/5 – Best for SMBs

6. Tsohost web hosting – 4/5 – Best for UK

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

This article will compare and contrast the top eight dedicated hosting service providers, and help you choose the one that best suits for your website.

But first, what exactly is dedicated hosting server? And do you even need it at all or not? Let’s recap.

Hosting is like renting a virtual plot of internet space for your website. At the cheapest end, you have shared hosting. Think of it like having a room in a shared apartment: fine for a while, affordable, and maybe even fun, but it won’t last forever. Soon enough, you’ll crave your own space, and get your own apartment – or maybe, eventually, your very own detached house.

That’s the equivalent of dedicated hosting – a property to call your own, and all the space you could possibly need. It’s just going to cost you a bit more. That’s why it’s not for everyone.

Our site,, receives many thousands of visits every week from people just like you. We need a dedicated hosting service to give you all the best possible experience – a site that loads fast, with no error messages. If you’re a smaller site, you’ll be better off on VPS hosting for the time being – you can always upgrade later!

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to make the leap to dedicated server hosting, it’s on to the next question – which provider should you choose?

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers
We’ve carried out extensive hosting research to find the top eight dedicated server hosting providers for sites just like yours. We’ve painstakingly cross-referenced uptime stats, CPU cores, bandwidth, RAM, prices, and help and support to find the very best in the hosting business.

The results are in, these are the best dedicated servers:

HostGator – Best overall for dedicated server hosting.
Bluehost – Best value for money.
InMotion – Best for tech-heavy websites.
A2 Hosting – Best customer service.
SiteGround – Best for very large sites.
iPage – Best for nothing, but okay at everything.
GoDaddy Hosting – Best bandwidth.
DreamHost – Best storage space.


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