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What is the best topic to start a blog for earning money?

What is the best topic to start a blog for earning money?

Blogging has become the most popular today. This is because everyone is stressing upon content. Every business looks for good content creators these days as they know that content is and will remain the king.

This year with the wave of digitization is just extreme and the people are embracing it happily.

Best blog niches to start with for 2019 :

1. Finance

2. Health and Fitness

3. Make money online

4. Beauty and fashion

5. Product reviews

6. Food blogs

7. Travel

8. Lifestyle

9. Wedding blogs

10. Digital marketing

Starting a blog is exciting. Just thinking about all the possibilities when it comes to earning money from your blog is hard to believe.

We hear it all the time, choose one of the top 10 niches that you’re passionate about. While it’s true that you should know something about the niche you start a blog in and be interested in it, the truth is that not all niches are going to be easy to monetize.

Passion or Profitability

Personally, I think that you would be better of choosing a niche that you are somewhat passionate about and has the potential to be monetized.

After all, blogging is hard work at the beginning. At first you’ll be working for free, it’s going to take a while to get to $100 per day.

Final Take Away

It’s exciting to think about the life-changing results that a blog can provide for your family. Focus on writing amazing content and then work hard to promote it. Don’t try to be everywhere when you first start your blog.

Instead, focus on 1-2 traffic strategies and master those. Once you master those traffic strategies, you can then move on to a different traffic strategy.

Also, if you are looking for best hosting for your blog, I will recommend Bluehost. You will get Free Domain & Free Hosting as well with all of their plans. Checkout Bluehost Plans.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other topics to start new blog. And it will be appreciated if you Upvote the answer.


10 Free WordPress Marketing Plugins You Should Be Using

10 Free WordPress Marketing Plugins You Should Be Using

1. Jetpack
Jetpack is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that offers a variety of advanced features including analytics, mobile themes, widgets, content tools and more.

2. Yoast SEO
Wordpress may be SEO friendly, but Yoast SEO provides marketers with the necessary guidance to ensure each blog post and page is fully optimized. The plugin is easy-to-use and provides a comprehensive solution.

3. Google XML SiteMaps
According to Search Engine Land, “XML sitemaps serve as a way to communicate directly with the search engines, alerting them to new or changed content very quickly and helping to ensure that the content is indexed faster.” This works in your favor when trying to get your posts to the top-end of the search results.

4. Just Writing
For some, writing comes quite naturally. To others, it can be a struggle to articulate their words onto either paper or a computer screen. The Just Writing plugin aids the latter through its distraction-free writing mode that’s provided by the plugin.

5. Broken Link Checker
Having broken links and missing images can work against your site’s search rankings. With the Broken Link Checker plugin, it scans your posts, pages, comments and other content to seek out any broken links. If any broken links have been identified, you will be immediately notified so you can make a quick fix.

6. WooCommerce
If you are using WordPress to operate an e-commerce brand, then WooCommerce is perhaps the only e-commerce plugin you will need. The plugin can assist you with handling payments through a variety of payment options, create online store themes and can help you assess your stock levels.

7. WP Review
The WP Review plugin helps you to create product reviews as either a star rating, percentage or any custom scale (performance, quality, ease-of-use, etc.). Reviews can also be created for any other content, whether it is a blog post or page.

8. TablePress
WordPress’ editor lacks a table feature. And tables are a great way of presenting information neatly to your user. The TablePress plugin is extremely easy to use and its spreadsheet-like interface allows you to design and manage tables without HTML. In addition, tables can be embedded into posts, pages or a text widget.

9. Editorial Calendar
As one of the popular content management systems, WordPress does a lot of things right. But when it comes to scheduling and managing content, it is not so user-friendly. The Editorial Calendar provides an overview of your content, showing you when each blog post is scheduled to be published.

10. iTheme Security (Formerly Better WP Security)
Security is a major concern for most WordPress site owners. Poor security protocols can damage your reputation and can also harm your customers via loss of confidential information.


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