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Effective Website Ideas To Start a New Business in 2021

Effective Website Ideas To Start a New Business in 2021

What kind of Effective Website Ideas should I Use to build a website for making money?

Which type of website is the best for earning?

Which website would be the best for a startup in 2021?

Simple websites that make money

The best options to create a new website this year

Here are some creative and unique Effective Website Ideas that will actually work in 2021. As you can see below, we have jotted down some really great ideas for those looking to offer something unique through their websites this year.

Web development is an ever-evolving industry. You can no longer expect to make it big in the online space with the same old ideas.

If you are looking for some unique money-making Effective Website Ideas to get success in 2021, you can find some here.

This guide doesn’t tell you how to create a website or anything like that. What you will find here is – the perfect idea for your next website.

111 New Successful Website Ideas 

We will take them by category (industries).

Website For Business

If you are looking for a business website idea, here are some:

#1 Online affiliate sites: Affiliate marketing is a commission-based marketing system in which a person is paid for promoting and/or selling the products/services of another company. How?

You create a website, share reviews, and recommendations about products on Amazon, provide a link to the product page on Amazon, and get paid for each conversion you make for the e-commerce marketplace.

#2 Create a fashion brand: Another good idea for an online business is to create your own unique fashion brands, such as stickers or printing, and sell brand products online through a website.

Not a bad idea!! Right??

fashion brand

#3 App development: Smartphones are here to stay and so are mobile apps. You can make good money by selling your app development skills through a website.

#4 Domain buying and selling: Develop a website where users can find and buy new domains as well as their existing domains, easily.

#5 Stock Trading: If you have any interest and experience in stock and forex trading, you can earn good money by starting the service through your own website.

#6 Advertising business: Google ads, Facebook ads, and various other advertising platforms are just waiting for businesses like you to explore the earning opportunities.

#7 Online Marketing: This is not a new business idea but it is also not old. If you have good skills, you can start your own online marketing business with a simple website idea.

okay awesome

#8 Your Company Website: If you already have a physical company, you should immediately create a website for it, even just for information purposes.

#9 Wedding website: Start a website to dedicate a recently married couple with customized photos and sweet wedding moments. You can even make a business out of it.

#10 Survey business: Create a website where people can take surveys on behalf of various online business, e-commerce marketplaces, and more.

#11 Website about companies: A website about popular companies and inventions, including their history, important people, and more.

#12 MLM website: Become an expert in this marketing niche and train others through your website or start an online company.

#13 Fishing business: More like a blog where you can share your passion for fishing through tips and tricks. Alternatively, you can consider selling fishing equipment online.

Worrying about costing? Here’s a complete guide How much does it cost to build a website?

Website Ideas For Students And Teachers (Education)

#14 Online School or Classes: It is a nice website idea for senior students and teachers who want to share their knowledge with more people and earn money through that.

#15 Drawing/ Art Website: If you have an interest in art or painting, you can start a website to share tips and knowledge and also to sell your paintings online.

spongebob artist

#16 Money-saving: Money-saving and finance management tips for college students and tips for earning money online.

#17 Tuition help: Teachers can start websites to help students with their usual academic problems and questions.

#18 Learn a Language: A website where people can learn new languages through guides, videos, and other tutorials and with the help of real instructors.

Learning a new language is always fun. *wink*

Learn New Language

#19 Kids Education: Create an e-learning site that teaches kids to learn through fun practices.

#20 Singing lessons: A help website to teach students to sing and/or play various musical instruments.

#21 Career Guides: Start a career guidance platform online and provide career consulting and tips to those who need it.

E-Commerce Website/Business Ideas

Creating and running an online shopping website is now easier than it ever was. With the help of e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce, you can easily create an online marketplace within minutes and earn by selling specific products.

Most of the users are preferring to buy stuff online rather than in stores. Take a look at the ratio here –

Global online shopping preference 2017

Don’t we all just love online shopping? Here are some great ideas you can choose from, for your business startup.

#22 Theme-based goods: Theme based merchandises are becoming quite popular among shoppers. You can have your own unique theme and sell products based on that.

#23 Drones: This may sound weird, but they are quite popular. Drones can be used for fun and transport. And there is good money in it.

Python Websites (Bonus Point): Websites powered by python are best for e-commerce stores.


Because python-based websites offer high performance at high speed. It helps to load big e-commerce data fast.

Most of the big organizations are now using python on their websites. What are you waiting for?

Python Development Company

#24 Food: It is something that will never go out of trend. You can sell specific food items, spices, packaged foods, and other related things or start a cooking website/blog.

#25 Fitness Equipment and Gadgets: Gadgets like fitness trackers and smart bands were trending the last year and will continue to be this year as well. Sell the products by creating a dedicated website.

Ecommerce website

#26 Handmade artwork: You can create a website to sell handmade wooden artwork or other art things such as picture frames, designs, drawings, kites, and many more.

#27 Gifts: Be it New Year, Christmas, or Valentine, people love to exchange gifts. You can give them a simple website platform to select, buy, and deliver gifts (and flowers) online.

#28 Second-hand products:  Website like let go, Craigslist. The demand for old items is even more than for new ones. You can build a platform to buy and sell old products like books, furniture, vehicles, etc.

#29 Fashion on rent: Create a website where users can rent fashion items, dresses, shoes, wedding jewelry, etc. on rent from other users.

These will be dreams come true.. for many of them *wink*

Website For Fashion on rent

Want to start own business but running out of ideas? Here are the top 50 Startup Ideas that you can use to start your own business.

Personal Services Websites

The personal service market is booming right now. If you already have a service in mind, you can start right away or take a look below for some interesting yet simple website ideas.

#30 Babysitting: The demand for qualified and experienced babysitters is always high, which you can benefit from by providing the services through your website online.

#31 Repairs: Hiring a mechanic, plumber, and other related services in a particular location. This can also be made into a mobile app.

#32 Lawn Mowing: A dedicated lawn mowing and care business website which may include lawn cleaning, mowing, landscape design, snow removal, and related services.

Lawn MowingSee… Easy Right!!

#33 Cleaning Service: Through a basic website, you can start a cleaning business to provide services like home cleaning, pool cleaning, and more.

#34 Event Management: Event making and management is an evergreen business. You can take your event skills to a new height by creating a website online.

#35 Mass Cooking: Creating a website and providing cooking and catering services for events, meetings, organizations, etc it is a nice way to earn handsome pay online.

Niche Websites

What are niche websites, you ask?

niche website
These are the sites that are based on a specific niche or industry, such as a medical website or health website or travel website, or so on.

The best thing is that you can create a website based on your own interest or expertise in a particular niche.

Here are some more ideas for niche sites in 2021.

#36 Job Search in a specific niche: You can create an online platform for people to search for jobs and for employers to find the right talent in specific areas.

#37 Price comparison sites for Transport and Travel: Through your website, you can give people a platform to compare and find the best price for freight and travel services in an area.

#38 Search for Helpers: A search platform for services like helpers for basic housework, driving, repairs, washing clothes, home improvement, and more.

OKAY!! This is the best idea… Imagine finding someone online to do your house chores 

house chores

#39 A niche forum: An online community for people who have a common interest. This can be anything, including your own interest or hobby.

#40 Search for Healthcare: A website to search for healthcare services, ambulance, medical stores, hospitals, etc.

#41 Ask a Question (Question-Answer) site: Create a website like Quora where users can ask questions and find answers.

#42 Resource list for a specific niche: A list of resources to various things in a particular niche.

<< Ready to Discuss Your Project? Work With Us Today >>

#43 Money-making guide: Share tips, guides, videos, tutorials, and more to help people earn an income online or start an online business.

#44 Donation/Charity website: A website to allow people to make donations and reputed charities to receive donations for important causes.

#45 A place for confessions: Create a website or forum to give people a place to confess and discuss their darkest secrets anonymously.

#46 Niche news website: A news website for a specific industry, region, or for all niches and global market. Make sure to choose a nice theme.

Thinking How to Build a Niche Website? Right? Worry not… Hire SAG IPL Web Developer to Make Your Dream Come True!!

Entertainment And Leisure Websites

There are so many options in this industry and you’ll have amazing earning potential if you manage to pick a business successfully.

#47 Ticket booking websiteWebsite like BookMyShow? Create a website to allow users to check availability and book online tickets for movies, shows, events, sports, and more.

#48 Sports website: A complete or niche-specific sports website where users can check the latest match scores, read about teams and players, upcoming matches, etc.

#49 Online Video Game: An online platform where users can play all their favorite video games for free.

#50 Online Gambling: A place for gamblers to play and bet online, for real cash or not, depending on the betting rules of your specific region.

Also If you’re into startup app development, why don’t you check out these 111 mindblowing app ideas… This will surely help you a lot.

#51 Movie site/blog: Write about a specific movie or show or movies in general, including the new launches, collection, best movies, etc.

#52 Video sharing and hosting: A place for users to create and host their own videos for the world to watch.

#53 Book sharing website: An online place where people can know everything about books and novels and can also exchange books with other users.

#54 Church website: Create a website for your local Church or an online community for churchgoers to share and discuss.


Crypto coins like bitcoins have been in trend for some time now. There are a number of services you can start based on cryptocurrency through simple website ideas.

Bitcoins holdersCryptocurrencies have been high in trend lately. Get your own cryptocurrency, or choose website ideas from the options below.

#55 Exchange Platform: 2017-18 have been the best years for having a crypto exchange platform. It is a little difficult to create and run a cryptocurrency exchange website but it will be worth your time and effort.

#56 Digital Wallet: Through an online wallet, you can offer a number of services including electronic money transfers, payments, and transfers using digital currency.

#57 Investment consulting: If you have some knowledge of investment in bitcoin or in any other currency for that matter, you can start your own investment consulting firm online.

Blogging Websites

“Check out these blogging ideas you can start today”

#58 Personal blog: Start a personal blog and write about your own life or something that interests you, such as poetry, traveling, etc.

#59 How-to blog: If you have good knowledge in a specific field or in many fields, you can consider starting a how-to website/blog and write tutorials for the same.

#60 Review site: This is one of the best types of online businesses. It doesn’t require much investment and you can earn good money through affiliate by creating a blog and reviewing things.

#61 Travel/Photography blog: Your traveling hobby can make a nice way for you to make money online.

Just create a travel blog and start sharing your travel experiences, tips, guides, and photos.


#62 Development blog: As a web/mobile developer, you can start a blog to share your knowledge with others who want to make big in this industry.

#63 Dancing blog: A website is a wonderful place to take your dancing hoppy to the next step and start sharing with others who are looking for dance tips, ideas, and more.

#64 Weight loss and health blog: Are you a fitness enthusiast? Create a blog and share your fitness tips or things like how you lost that much weight and so.

#65 Wedding blog: Share wedding tips, costume ideas, venue tips, etc to help those who are about to get married.

#66 Best of everything: A blog that shares only the best of everything.

#67 Fashion blog: If you are a fashion pro, a fashion blog would be the best place for you to share fashion tips and styles with readers.

Fashion blog

#68 Poems/Story blog: Start a blog to share your own original poems and/or stories online and give wings to your words.

#69 Politics: It is always a hot topic. You can write about a number of things such as the government, policies, elections, ministers, states, and more.

#70 Food reviews: Are you a foodie? Review foods of various restaurants and hotels on your website through videos and detailed text to help other foodies.

#71 Ideas blog: Help people find new, creative ideas in every field and discuss the same on your website.

#72 Self-Help: help others with motivational and encouraging words, stories, videos, and posts.

<< Start Website Designing and Development for Your Business >>

#73 Relationship Advice: Start a blog to give people advice and tips related to relationships, dating, long-distance relations, and more.

#74 Hiking tips: Share your adventure life with others by writing about your hiking trips and give people advice and tips about the same.

#75 Tech blog: If you have a passion for technology, do share your passion with others through tips, advice, discussions about the latest tech gadgets, and launches.

#76 Spiritual blog: Create a blog and motivate people through spiritual learning and techniques to live their lives in a spiritual way.

#77 A novel blog: Planning to launch a new book or novel soon? Start a blog and post-introduction pages of your novel as a series.

Subscription-Based Services

Ever used Netflix? It is a subscription-based online video streaming service that charges a monthly or yearly fee from its users.

You can start a similar service, probably on a smaller level, and in any industry including entertainment, magazine, news, shopping, etc.

Here are some new subscription website ideas.

#78 Gym and training: An online platform to keep track of subscriptions to various popular gyms as well as the performances of the exercise routine and progress of the users.

#79 Online Magazine: Based on your interest (or skills), you can start an online magazine subscription service for your own or any third-party magazine.

#80 Teaching and Guidance: Through your own website, you can start teaching any special skills like online marketing or cooking on a subscription basis.

#81 Audio/Video subscription: Website like Netflix. This is going to be a major service for which you will need great hosting and servers. You can start with a specific niche.

This would be the best place for any binge-watcher to hang out

binge watcher

#82 Flower/Gift subscription: A website that lets users subscribe to receive or send flowers or gifts or cake or similar items to people at a specific time.

#83 Shopping subscription: An online shopping site that allows its customers to subscribe to receive specific items on a frequent basis.

#84 Food delivery: After a fashion, food is probably the best market to provide users with a subscription option.

After all, every household needs basic food and grocery items on a monthly/weekly basis.

SAAS Platform

Wondering what it is? SaaS stands for Software as a Service through which various internet software and services can be used through websites.

Here are some trending SaaS website ideas-

#85 Task management service: Buy or develop a comprehensive task management software and start providing its services to various businesses online.

#86 Ad Campaign Management: Start a website where online marketers can manage their ad campaigns, social campaigns, and more.

#87 Finance management website: A software or application through a website businesses can manage their expenses, revenues, salaries, and financial growth over the years.

#88 HR software platform: An online platform for HR managers to properly keep track of their accounts, employees, and various business activities.

#89 File hosting service: A simple yet robust file sharing and storage platform with high security can help you generate great business online.

#90 Project Management: An online cloud-based project management application for companies and individuals.

#91 Online Helpdesk: A help and customer assistance software that can work for all types of businesses from any niche.

#92 Marketing Analytics and Tracking platform: Create an analytics software and start your own website to provide high-demand service to global businesses.

#93 Email marketing software: Create a new email marketing application and provide service through your website or just host other popular email marketing services on your site.

Skills-Based Websites

These kinds of websites are quite popular among people with skills who are looking for ways to earn part-time or full-time online. Here are some unique website ideas for the same.

#94 Online Portfolio: Whether you are a writer, a developer, or an online marketer, a portfolio website can help you a lot in building your own brand.

#95 Social media consultant: If you have good experience in social media management, you can easily start your own website to sell your skills to businesses online.

Getting Paid for handling someone else’s Social Media accounts… isn’t it great!!


#96 Freelance website: Start a website that can work as an intermediate between freelancers looking for work and businesses looking to hire expert talent.

#97 Professional photographer: You can convert your photography hobby into a business by starting a website and selling your talent as well as images through it.

Hobby becomes business!!! Awesome, right?


#98 Online Writers: Professional writers are high in demand and will continue to be.

If you have some edge in this field, you can start offering your writing services through your own business website.

#99 WordPress Theme Developer: Use the popularity of WordPress to start your own business or creating and selling WordPress websites, themes, and plugins online.

#100 Research businesses: Many organizations, institutions, and businesses regularly need people who can conduct research on various subjects. If you have that skill, you should start selling it right away.

#101 Virtual Assistant: Start a website that offers paid remote assistant to businesses with their day-to-day administrative and management tasks.

There are more website ideas, you can choose from-

#102  Utility website

A Utility website is the one that performs a specific task such as a word counter or image converter or any other task.

Yes, you’ll probably need a software application for the purpose but the investment is worth it.

#103  Social/Interaction Website

A different kind of social site where people can connect with themselves rather than the outer world.

You can integrate psychology tests and other activities to help people know more about themselves.

#104  Content Aggregators

Do you have good content writing and management skills? Then you can start your own content/news aggregators website by collecting content from various sources or writing your own.

#105 Shopper’s Guide

If you love shopping, you can start a blog providing assistance to other shoppers/buyers with tips for buying, a guide to buy specific products, and/or answers shopping-related questions.

#106  Write your Opinions

People are always looking for original and interesting content. You can start by providing your personal opinions about an event or news and invite people to comment and discuss it.

#107  Blog About Interesting Facts

There are many interesting yet unexplored things you can write about. People love to read interesting facts about everything, such as why blood is red, what happens when you die, etc.

#108  Influencer Marketing Website

A place for marketers/businesses to connect with the right influencers. Influencers are the industry leaders who can help businesses promote their goods/services in a better way.

#109  Event Website

Events are the best way to create engagement on your website. You can start a website for events like online gaming, conferences, podcasts, and discussions, or can alternatively add these to your existing site.

#110  Top 10

Start a blog where you list only the ‘top 10’ things in various genres, such as the top 10 business ideas, top 10 points of debate, top 10 investment options, etc.

#111 Blockchain Website

Blockchain is one of the latest technologies in trend these days. As a decentralized, peer-to-peer method of sending/receiving money, blockchain can effectively disrupt the finance industry for good.

This is the best time to develop a blockchain website or app. There are a number of things you can build on blockchain, including DApps (decentralized applications), ICO websites, and more.

Like website ideas?

Contact our web development manager to discuss the idea and get your business website developed now.

Jobless and Searching for Meaning, Millennials Flock to Mom and Dad’s House

Jobless and Searching for Meaning, Millennials Flock to Mom and Dad’s House

Millennials, more so than previous generations, have been forced to move home with their parents as they struggle with unemployment and job satisfaction, according to a new study.

Sixteen percent of millennials who have started their careers live at home due to financial hardship, and another 12 percent have moved home at least once in the past for the same reason, according to a new study by salary data company PayScale and consulting firm Millennial Branding. By comparison, only 8 percent of Gen Xers and 3 percent of baby boomers report having moved home in the past as a result of financial problems.

“Professionally and dating-wise, it really delays growing up,” says Millennial Branding founder Dan Schawbel.

However, with the U.S. unemployment rate at 7.2 percent and millennial unemployment estimated at 15.9 percent, many young Americans do not have any other options. Median pay for millennials is $40,700, compared to $55,100 for Gen Xers and $56,400 for baby boomers.

The study defines millennials as those born between 1982 and 2002, and Gen Xers as those born between 1965 and 1981. Baby boomers are identified as those born between 1946 and 1964.

WordPress websites: 14 awesome examples

WordPress websites: 14 awesome examples

These amazing WordPress websites showcase the best of this popular CMS. When it first launched in 2003, WordPress was regarded as a basic blogging tool for amateurs. Very quickly it took off, becoming a fully fledged CMS that now powers millions of sites across the world. And creative professionals have been pushing the CMS’ boundaries to create complex and beautiful WordPress websites ever since.

To show you exactly what this incredible CMS can do, we’ve picked some of the best WordPress websites around. If this article inspires you to build your own WordPress website, these WordPress tutorials will help you get started, or if you want to build an awesome looking portfolio, check out our guide to the best WordPress portfolio themes.

01. Rafal Bojar

WordPress websites: Rafal Bojar

This photography portfolio uses WordPress alongside Vue.js (Image credit: Rafal Bojar)

Designer Zhenya Rynzhuk used WordPress as a semi-headless CMS, with Vue.js for the front end, to create this engaging photography portfolio site for Rafal Bojar. It features a homepage that displays previews of selected stories, a slick grid to showcase all of Bojar’s work, and an ‘essence’ page explaining the photographer’s philosophy and approach.

“The goal was to provide visitors with the unique experience and showcase Rafal’s amazing works,” says Rynzhuk. The pair discussed a few different backend options, but decided on WordPress so that the site would be easy to manage and regularly update with new projects.

Alongside WordPress and Vue.js, the site uses an S3 bucket to store data, which is delivered through Cloudfront to ensure speedy loading times. Rynzhuk also made use of Bedrock and Hendrik-Jan de Harder’s Vue skeleton, as well as GSAP for the animations.

02. Adel Vakula

WordPress websites: Adel Vakula

This model’s site is brimming with charming, campy humour  (Image credit: Adel Vakula)

Adel Vakula is an internationally famous model from the Ukraine, and this promotional site for her arrives from fellow countrymen Yabloko ideas studio, who not only designed and coded it but created all the illustration work. The result is a gorgeously distinctive visual feast, spanning a number of painterly vignettes featuring our glamorous heroine.

From the opening cotton candy cloudscape that literally bubbles with subtle animations, Vakula stars in dreamy portraits designed to demonstrate a charismatic personality. She whimsically overlooks the Parisian night atop a gargoyle doubling as a YouTube play button, after catching a New York Subway train from a platform complete with busking cat. Visits to Venice and Ibiza provide equally eccentric backdrops to Instagram and email links, where even cocktail-sipping seals encourage a follow. It’s tongue in cheek stuff but done with such charm and technique that you can’t help but fall in love. Even the mouse pointer goes all heart shaped.

Built on WordPress CMS, a standout UI element is a fun section where you can drag and drop outfits onto a virtual Vakula to view real modelling snaps. As calling cards for possible castings go, this one strikes a more memorable pose than most.

Author: Mark Billen

03. Middle Child

WordPress websites: Middle Child sandwich shop

Middle Child is built on a completely bespoke WordPress theme – click the image to explore the site

Award-winning, Philadelphia-based sandwich shop Middle Child needed a website that matched its quirky, unpretentious vibe. Full-service design and technology studio Self Aware rose to the challenge, creating a site based on a completely bespoke WordPress theme using Timber and ACF – a combination that studio partner Mike Wagz calls “a game-changer for serious WordPress theme developers”.

Self Aware also made use of the latest web technologies in order to offer an optimal experience: the layout was created using CSS Grid, and a Service Worker caches static assets including CSS and JavaScript files in order to speed up initial load times.

“Middle Child oozes atmosphere from every nook and cranny,” adds Wagz. “It warmly welcomes customers from all walks of life with just the right amount of fun, kitsch, and quirk. I think this design is successful because we were able to capture this spirit and translate it to the web.”

04. Sea Harvest

WordPress websites: Sea Harvest website on iPad

ED used a newspaper-style layout in its WordPress-based website for Sea Harvest

When Canberra-based seafood market Sea Harvest needed a new brand identity and smart digital presence to match, it turned to Australian web and branding agency ED. The WordPress website sports a striking newspaper-style layout with plenty of quirky touches to explore.

“When we think about seafood, many of us are taken back to a memory of eating fish and chips by the beach with friends and family,” says designer Cam Tidy. “Often these takeaway joints would wrap your food in newspaper, so it felt natural to explore that as a visual idea.”

Replicating a static, print layout on the web wasn’t without its challenges, though. The team used CSS Flexbox to reposition content whilst maintaining consistent spacing, regardless of screen size. Nearly every measurement is based on a responsive scale using REM units, making it easier to maintain control over type and image proportions as the browser scales.

Developer Bryn Shanahan’s favourite feature is the fact that users can ‘draw’ on the site, including via an interactive wordsearch. “We achieved this by covering the site with an HTML5 Canvas element, which was then used to draw the user’s drawings onto,” he explains.

ED uses WordPress for a lot of its website projects, finding it user-friendly and intuitive for clients. “[WordPress has] easy back end development, which allows more time to focus on front end to bring the design to life,” adds developer Adam Forcucci. “The ability to make it headless, using the WP Rest API, allows us to use frameworks such as React, which is becoming the core of our future development on the platform.”

05. Maxim Shkret

WordPress websites: Maxim Shkret

‘Melting Panda’ can be spun left and right (Image credit: Maxim Shkret)

Based out of Saint Petersburg, Russia, Maxim Shkret is a freelance digital artist. His impressive WordPress website marries portfolio to ecommerce marketplace, launching a novel fundraising initiative.

The site opens on a series of four 3D models, or digital sculptures that can be dragged and rotated 360-degrees. Pig, Desert Fox, Double-natured Unicorn and Melting Panda can be spun left and right to achieve a favoured angle. By clicking the ‘Buy this shot’ button, visitors can purchase a digital image at various dimensions for various prices. The proceeds will be pooled back into transforming each digital model into real physical sculptures using a 3D printing five-axis CNC machining process. It’s a neat idea for inviting contributors and shows how a crowdfunding approach can be attached to a typically passive experience.

Site production credits include New York’s Sochnik Design Studio, but the slick UI efforts never overshadow Shkret’s talent. This includes a simple Gallery section of still sculpture shots that ripple and wave through a watery filter. It’s a subtle effect, but heightens the sense of texture Shkret intends to give each piece.

06. KOBU

WordPress websites: KOBU creative agency

The website for KOBU opens with an undulating lava lamp-style homepage

Portfolio sites, unsurprisingly, continue to provide some of the web’s most fertile ground for creative expression and inspiration. This online calling card for Portuguese agency KOBU follows that ethos with a tasteful, restrained WordPress website that still bubbles with character. Calling itself a ‘brand laboratory’ that is unafraid of experimentation, the technical work here demonstrates imagination over complexity.

Over a series of elements, we get a reminder of how CSS and SVG can be combined for maximum frontend character. Absolute positioning is used to overlay charming wireframe motifs, breaking up the lines between bold background colour blocks and linking sections together. A looped HTML5 video panel gets a unique wiggly edge using an SVG shape as a mask positioned above, before case study images have their border radius halved to go circular. The site makes neat use of the slick.js carousel library to ‘trot’ the KOBU team, with office horse, through the middle of the main page.

The zenith, though, is probably the bit we see first, opening on an undulating lava lamp-style header produced by manipulating SVG paths. Utilising the anime.js plugin, a polyvalent JavaScript animation engine, it’s an eye-catching trick for establishing colour palette, if nothing else.

Author: Mark Billen

07. noformat

WordPress websites: noformat homepage

noformat’s homepage has plenty of immediate impact

noformat is a strategic design studio based in New York. The homepage features an animated eyeball design that follows the visitor’s cursor around the screen, while overlaid text cycles through all the things noformat can create. To create the eyeball, the team first explored the design in After Effects CC, before using three.js to build an interactive version, explains Ian Brewer, founder and creative director of noformat.

“We used vertex and fragment shaders to optimise for GPU rendering and made it pulsate and flash the noformat logo inside,” continues Brewer. “We then applied post-processing effects to give it a more organic and less 3D look by blurring the edges and adding bloom to the highlights.”

The rest of the site lives up to the impact of that first page, with slick on-scroll transitions and subtle parallax effects showing off tech skills without impacting usability.

“We chose WordPress for our site for speed to launch, and flexibility,” explains Brewer. “Over the years we have built our own libraries and module-based editing systems that allow us to create or edit a site faster than any other CMS solution.”

08. Femme and Fierce

Dutch experience design studio Wonderland has delivered ecommerce with sass for Femme and Fierce. The WordPress website’s in-your-face, clash-tastic colour scheme delivers the online fashion retailer’s brand message from the off. Animated ‘stickers’ – twirling lollipops, jabbing arrows, licking lips – create a cheeky feel and should resonate with the Snapchat/Instagram generation at which this range is aimed.

09. Puree Maison

Purée Maison WordPress website

Animated scribbles bring this WordPress website to life

Purée Maison is a creative and strategic studio based in Paris. Its WordPress website stands out mainly thanks to the sunny yellow animated scribbles that appear on hover, inject personality into boring brand statements and liven up transitions. They also help the visitor find their way around, and encourage them to explore and interact with the site.

10. We Virtually Are

WordPress websites: We Virtually Are's site

We Virtually Are’s site makes great use of 360-degree video to sell its services

When your business is all about enthralling people using virtual reality to tell emotive stories, you need a site that draws people into your work. And boutique VR studio We Virtually Are has managed that and then some. Its site, built by Herdl on WordPress, uses plenty of cutting-edge techniques including WebGL and 360-degree video to give you an irresistible taste of its immersive services. Check out its VR test drives for Audi, complete with unexpected celebrity guests.

11. Asaro

WordPress websites: Asaro

Asaro’s site is responsive enough to look beautiful on all screen sizes

Asaro is a provider of unique adventure experiences and entertaining journeys for superyacht guests around the world. As part of a broader corporate rebrand, this slick website was designed and developed by Bristol-based agency Green Chameleon.

Built on a custom WordPress framework to keep ongoing content editing easy for the client, visitors are taken on a voyage of discovery packed with charm. Subtle scroll effects are linked neatly to an interactive dotted line, plotting navigational progress in the way a yacht captain might mark charts. Custom CGI renders have been utilised as a graphical device for representing Asaro’s exclusive service offerings, in light of a scarcity of photographic assets due to the private nature of the events.

“The art direction was inspired by a mixture of water drop photography and theatrical poster design,” explains creative director Tom Anderson. “We loved the aesthetic of the photography style and felt that it tied in nicely with the underlying nautical theme of the project.”

Responsive enough to not only look beautifully consistent on smaller screens, access speed was also a motivation for streamlining performance. With boat dwellers at the mercy of marine web connectivity, load times are more chipper than choppy across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Author: Mark Billen

12. Design Museum Denmark

WordPress websites: Danish Design Museum

Smart use of parallax scrolling and responsive images make the Danish Design Museum’s site a must-see

Built by Copenhagen-based design and branding agency Stupid Studios, the site for Denmark’s Design Museum not only showcases the museum’s archives, collections and research, but also presents it in a bang up-to-date style. From its opening SVG animation of the museum’s logo, through to eye-catching parallax scrolling and mood-enhancing palette swaps as you scroll through the content, it’s the perfect online presence for an essential design destination.

13. Katy Perry

WordPress websites: Katy Perry

Even major celebrities are utilising the tools provided by WordPress

Pop princess Katy Perry uses none other than WordPress to host her official website. Focusing – understandably – on visuals and social media cues, the site utilises high spec portfolio shots of the artist to make a bold statement. Scroll down to see tour dates, merch and more, or use the icons to discover more.

It’s a clean cut yet edgy site that manages to blend the artist’s distinctive bubblegum pop personal image with a user-friendly, glossy mag style functionality. Gone are the days of busy band sites packed with too much animation and music you can’t stop. Perry’s website proves you can pack in plenty of personality using just a simple white background and easily navigable links, giving fans the option to listen, watch and learn easily and at their convenience.

14. The Ink Tank

WordPress websites: Ink Tank

Kao Collins’ site is designed to make you think about ink

Starting out in 1989 as Collins Inkjet, a one-man operation supplying ink for Kodak’s continuous inkjet printer, today Kao Collins is one of the world’s leading suppliers. And if you’ve never really thought about ink (beyond cursing when your printer runs out), Kao Collins’ site, The Ink Tank, is about to change that.

Built by DBS InteractiveThe Ink Tank is an eye-catching WordPress site that pulls out all the stops to bring you cutting-edge news from the ink industry and showcase some of the creative ways businesses and artists are currently using ink. The highlight, as far as we’re concerned, is its History of Printing section: a gorgeous parallax single-pager packed with animation and effects, taking you all the way from clay tablets to today’s high-speed single pass printing, and looking ahead at some of the future possibilities of printing.

Generate CSS – the conference for web designers: 26 September, Rich Mix, Shoreditch, London

32 inspiring WordPress website designs

32 inspiring WordPress website designs

When you’re redesigning your website, sometimes it just takes a little inspiration to get you moving! No matter what kind of website you’re building, there are brilliant (and successful) examples out there that know how to make WordPress beautiful!

Let’s take a look at these 32 awesome and diverse WordPress websites with brilliant designs:

eCommerce WordPress websites

There are a ton of best practices when creating an ecommerce site on WordPress, but these examples take it to the next level by building a beautiful user experience and design on their sites:

1. Joco Cups

joco cups company ecommerce wordpress website

JOCO Cups proves ecommerce WordPress sites don’t need to look like clunky department store websites. This sleek and modern design mirrors the fresh look of their products – a great example of consistent branding!

2. Solasie

solasie website screenshot ecommerce wordpress website example

This European fashion ecommerce site adds fun features to their design with vintage pieces and a matching style. Their ecommerce site is intuitive with how they use WooCommerce and other awesome plugins.

3. Mowellens

mowellens website screenshot ecommerce wordpress website example

This beautiful ecommerce site is engaging and clean with its unique scrolling style. Mowellens’ simple, product-focused site shows just how creative you can get with WordPress and ecommerce.

4. Over Clothing

over clothing website screenshot ecommerce wordpress website example

With a dynamic home page and minimalist design on their product pages, you’d almost think this Over Clothing is an agency or portfolio site with just a passing look. Plus, you might want to grab some swag from their clothing created by designers, for designers.

Inspiring WordPress blogs

WordPress is traditionally known to be a great CMS for bloggers, and these awesome sites believe that, too. Not only do they have great content, they also have a stunning design. You might find a new favorite blog to subscribe to as well!

5. 99U

99U website screenshot wordpress blog example

If you love Adobe, you definitely need to check out their blog! They produce great content on trends, tutorials, and other fun inspiration. They also have a beautiful design, which is a no-brainer considering many people look to them as a thought leader in the field. But did you know their blog is on WordPress?

6. Layout

layout website screenshot wordpress blog example

It makes sense that our design and WordPress blog would also be created on WordPress. By using WordPress, the process behind running Layout is much easier to manage content, collaborate with our teams, and integrate other resources.

7. 99% Invisible

99% invisible website screenshot wordpress blog example

While 99% invisible is largely known for their podcasts, they also have a blog and other content on their website that developers and creatives love. To top it all off – you guessed it – it’s all created and managed on WordPress!

8. The Small Things Blog

the small things blog website screenshot wordpress blog example

The Small Things Blog is a great example of how WordPress is perfect for self-starters that don’t necessarily want to focus on the technical side of things. Kate, the owner, manages all the content through WordPress but worked with a designer and developer to create the site!

9. The Sartorialist

the sartorialist website screenshot wordpress blog example

The Sartorialist is a brilliant example of how simplicity can really work for your blog. This blog has such a straightforward idea that sparks conversations about global fashion, and WordPress helps it beautifully and easily accomplish that mission.

10. The TED Blog

the TED blog website screenshot wordpress blog example

If you’ve ever been inspired by a TEDTalk, you’re bound to find some insight from their blog as well! They cover content from internal company content to pop culture to motivational interviews.

WordPress business websites

For businesses, it’s really easy to manage your website through a content management system, which is likely why so many businesses choose WordPress. It’s a great way to allow even the non-technical members of your team make changes and get work done.

11. Time

time website screenshot wordpress business website example

Time is one of the biggest news and entertainment companies in the world, and they run their business largely online (as well as in print) to keep up with the digital age. With so much content each and every day, it only makes sense to have a content management system.

12. Flywheel

flywheel website screenshot wordpress business website example

You guessed it – this managed WordPress hosting website is on none other than WordPress. Here at Flywheel we believe in WordPress so much that each and every member of our team is trained to work with and understand the platform.

13. Eginstill

eginstill website screenshot wordpress business website example

This interior design boutique has an elegant,one-page website on WordPress that complements their aesthetic. Click through their sidebar to see a smooth scroll of past projects!

14. Offset

offset website screenshot wordpress business website example

While Offset might not be your traditional idea of a business, this team runs an outstanding creative conference! Their WordPress site features a colorful and vibrant card design that will keep you scrolling for more and more inspiration.

15. Proske

proske website screenshot wordpress business website example

This German marketing company takes a traditionally styled WordPress site and brings it to life with their images, projects, and creative assets. It’s a shining example of how much your work can sell and make your website stand out.

16. Pen & Quill

pen and quill website screenshot wordpress business website example

Another less-conventional business site is the Pen & Quill restaurant. Their WordPress site shows off their mouth-watering food and leaves you hungry for more with a dynamic scrolling menu.

High-traffic and famous WordPress websites

“You’ve probably heard of or visited a few of these popular sites, but did you know they were on WordPress? ”To keep a high-traffic site up and running, you need a reliable platform and host. These sites have it all figured out and know WordPress is a great solution to support high traffic.

17. The Guggenheim

the guggenheim website screenshot famous wordpress website example

The website expectations are perhaps a little higher for a modern art museum, but the Guggenheim doesn’t disappoint. The WordPress site is just as clean and modern and the museum itself.

18. The Walt Disney Company

the walt disney company website screenshot famous wordpress websites example

Everyone knows and loves Disney, so with such a dynamic and famous brand, they built a reliable yet whimsical website. This site accomplishes a delicate balance between business and brand with its simple, informative design.

19. The New York Times

the new york times website screenshot famous wordpress websites example

As one of the largest news sources in the world, The New York Times has certainly made a name for itself. And with so much content constantly going live, their WordPress site is dependable and fast.

20. The Rolling Stones

the rolling stones website screenshot famous wordpress websites example

As an iconic b(r)and, The Rolling Stones has an infamous repertoire with a website to match. Their website is a home-base for fans that’s filled to the brim with tour dates, music, merchandise, band insights, and so much more.

21. Mercedes-Benz

mercedes-benz website screenshot famous wordpress websites example

Another great business website is Mercedes-Benz. As a popular, worldwide vehicle brand, their site is versatile in order to service the wide range of customers looking for vehicles anywhere from small two-doors to tour buses.

WordPress agency websites

If you’re a digital agency that’s creating WordPress sites, hosting your own website on WordPress is a great example to add to your portfolio. All of these agencies, ranging from web design to event planning, have fun and engaging sites that are sure to draw in clients!

22. Apostrophe

apostrophe website screenshot wordpress agency website example

This isn’t your typical design or marketing agency website, this “copywriting collective” has a beautiful, modern design that gives a wonderful illustration of their work.

23. Iron to Iron

iron to iron website screenshot wordpress agency website example

Like any digital agency, this designer and developer duo uses their own website to show off how effective a clean, to-the-point website can be without compromising a strong brand.

24. Braizen

braizen website screenshot wordpress agency website example

These “experts in branding and badassery” have a captivating, no-scroll homepage that does two things: gives you a simple, all-encompassing overview of the agency and drives you to click around for more information.

25. Twelve Eight Media

twelve eight media website screenshot wordpress agency website example

Twelve Eight Media’s website creates high-contrast callouts through bright, futuristic neon on a black and white background. There’s also an adorable pup if you scroll to the bottom of the page!

26. Pink Gorilla Events

pink gorilla events website screenshot wordpress agency website example

Don’t let the name of this Nebraska-based agency fool you. You can’t rent a pink gorilla for your event, but you can find an awesome event agency with a stellar WordPress website.

27. Wedge and Lever

wedge and lever website screenshot wordpress agency website example

Even with the most literal interpretation of their brand, Wedge and Lever creates an engaging experience for their site visitors. If you’re looking for a new take on an agency site or a refreshing menu design, check them out!

Interactive WordPress websites

The best way to increase conversions and reduce your bounce rate is to incorporate interactive, fun elements to your WordPress website. Ready to start clicking around these engaging sites?

28. Cultivated Wit

cultivated wit website screenshot interactive wordpress website example

While this site seems like another stunning agency site, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the whimsical details thrown into the interactive elements like the “Care to enter?” section or “Whiskey Friday” callout.

29. Velvet Hammer

velvet hammer website screenshot interactive wordpress website example

Velvet Hammer is a music and management business with a simple one-page WordPress site that comes to life as you click around and hover over content. You might also find your next favorite band while you’re there.

30. We Virtually Are

we virtually are website screenshot interactive wordpress website example

We Virtually Are, designed by Herdl, takes intentionality to a new level. If you really want to engage with their fluid site, be sure to scroll in the right directions and take in all their moving content.

31. Plane

plane website screenshot interactive wordpress website example

The stunning interactive and illustrative designs on this WordPress site bring their story and mission to life. You’ll want to press play on their site all day.

32. Drip Pop

drip pop website screenshot interactive wordpress website example

This “sweet” WordPress site will have your mouth watering for more with these bright and beautiful designs. Drip pop offers a fun and delightful site to match their delicious-looking products.

Now that you’ve seen how all kinds of people and businesses are expressing their creativity with WordPress, you should feel motivated to redesign or create your own site. What other inspiring WordPress themes have you seen? Let us know in the comments below!

Excellent WordPress Website Examples That You Should Check Out in 2021

Excellent WordPress Website Examples That You Should Check Out in 2021

Looking for some excellent WordPress website examples to get inspiration? WordPress has been used by many of the world’s top designers and developers who use it to build highly engaging websites. In this article, we will share some excellent WordPress website examples that you must check out for inspiration.

Excellent WordPress Website Examples That You Should Check Out in 2018

1. The Obama Foundation

The Obama Foundation

The website for the President Obama’s non-profit organization sports a modern unique design that compliments the vision and mission of the foundation. It uses large fonts, Maintree for paragraphs and Gotham SSM for headings.

It has a collapsed navigation menu on the left, which flies in when a user takes mouse over it. Apart from typography and clean simple design, the website utilizes multimedia, social sharing, and page templates for a polished user experience.

2. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

The official website for the popular game. It features a simple design utilizing the game’s fun visual graphics as the main backdrop of every page. This works really well in maintaining the same spirit and consistency as the game itself.

3. 99U


99U is a popular culture and design blog for creatives. Its homepage features a magazine style template, with sticky navigation menu on top, and featured images displayed in a beautiful masonry grid layout.

4. Creative Ad Awards

Creative Ad Awards

Creative Ad Awards is the place to celebrate the best ads from all over the world. Its homepage features a large fullscreen background image on top which is followed by filterable categories, search box, and a grid of recent posts.

5. The Next Web

The Next Web

The Next Web is a leading online magazine covering topics like technology, science, internet, and more. Its home page features a magazine layout with featured stories on top followed by latest articles, recent posts by category, and custom sections like deals.

It utilizes technologies like lazy loading, CDN, and agressive caching to improve website speed and performance.

6. Studio OUAM

Studio OUAM

Studio OUAM is a French creative agency specializing in visual identity and brand creation. Its homepage features beautiful typography, cursor sensitive animations, beautiful parallax effects, and on-scroll animations.

7. Analytica Projects

Analytica Projects

Analytica Projects is one of the leaders in food quality control. Their website features a highly interactive animation that shows multiple parts of the quality assurance process as a user scrolls down.

8. Animal Logic

Animal Logic

Animal Logic is one of the world’s leading creative digital studios. Their homepage features a beautiful video slider on top, showcasing their work featured in top hollywood movies. The slider is followed by different sections each displayed with beautiful CSS animations.

9. Grette


Grette is a Norway based business law firm. Their website features a minimalist design, collapsed navigation menu, staff profiles, and expertise pages.

10. 10×17


10×17 is a project by 26 artists who visually interpret and countdown their favorite albums of 2017. The website features artwork by the artists and audio tracks from the albums they picked. The overall design is highly colorful, engaging, and interactive.

11. American Scraps

American Scraps

American Scraps converts scrapped artifacts from American history into comics. It features a truly unique design with the latest scrap on top, followed by other recent scraps, and a historical timeline.

12. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible

99% Invisible is one of the most popular podcasts about design. Their website features a beautiful design built for podcasting with easy navigation and quick access to their latest episodes. It has a beautiful podcast player integrated into site’s design.

13. RUYA


Ruya is an identity design and branding agency based in the UAE. Their website features beautiful illustrations, smooth navigation, and a unique layout.

14. method


method is the manufacturer of environment friendly cleaning products. Their website features a mega menu on top, colorful background images, and beautiful animations.

15. Unconquered


Unconquered is a New York City based creative agency that specializes in brand development. Their homepage features a unique video slider and a floating logo that moves across the screen on mouse over.

16. Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo’s website is simple and informative. It features custom logo, business hours, and a navigation menu on top. The homepage content area showcases tiles in a masonry grid with a click to load more button at the bottom.

17. Protest


Protest is a sportswear manufacturer from Netherlands. Their homepage features a product image as the header with featured product categories. It uses WooCommerce for the online store and highly engaging beautiful design for individual product pages.

18. The Cool Club

The Cool Club

The Cool Club sells beautifully designed wall art and card games. Their website features their wall art and card games which uplifts the whole design . Their online store fun to browse and is powered by WooCommerce.

19. Nove


Nove is an advisory agency that helps businesses interact with European institutions. Their website features a unique design with a fullscreen video background, transparent menus, and custom page templates for different sections.

20. Jony Guedj

Jony Guedj

Jony Guedj is the website of freelance film director. It features SMPTE color bars for horizontal navigation, showing artists work as you move mouse along the bar. It is unusual and minimalist which makes the design more interesting and engaging.

21. Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive is the parent company of WPBeginner. Our company’s newly designed website is simple and elegant, featuring a subtle animation in the header with company’s mission as the welcome message. Below that, it shows vital stats, our products, job opportunities, and more.

Building Your Own Amazing Website with WordPress

All websites featured in the list use unique custom designs using various technologies. However, one thing common among all of them is WordPress.

There are two type of WordPress websites. which is a hosted solution and (also known as self-hosted WordPress). See our guide on the difference between vs

We recommend using because it gives you access to all WordPress features out of the box.

You’ll need a domain name and a WordPress hosting account to start your own website with

We recommend Bluehost. They are one of the biggest hosting companies in the world and officially recommended WordPress hosting provider.

After signing up for hosting, follow our guide on how to make a website for step by step instructions.

The design part of your website is controlled by your WordPress theme. All the websites mentioned above use a custom WordPress theme. A custom WordPress website will cost you a lot of money.

If you are just starting out, then you can start with an existing WordPress theme. There are thousands of beautiful WordPress themes that you can install.

See some of our hand-picked lists of the best WordPress themes that you can try:

  • Best Free WordPress themes
  • Best Business themes for WordPress
  • Best Magazine-style WordPress themes
  • Best WooCommerce WordPress themes

We hope this article helped you find some excellent WordPress website examples to get inspired and motivated.

19 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

19 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

When people are deciding why they should use WordPress, we often get asked about “can WordPress do [blank]? The answer is mostly Yes. In this article, we will show you 19 different types of websites you can create with WordPress without learning any programming skills.

Building websites with WordPress

Getting Started With WordPress

You will need WordPress hosting and a domain name to get started with your WordPress site. We have a step by step guide on how to make your website with WordPress.

If you just want to play around with WordPress, then you can install it on your computer. Take a look our tutorials on how to install WordPress on Windows and Mac computers.

1. Blog or Personal Website

WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform and quickly evolved into a powerful CMS. During the last 12 years, those blogging and personal website components didn’t disappear.

They have become more polished, sophisticated and mature. If you are going to create a blog or personal website, then you will find plenty of tools to manage and grow your WordPress quickly.

2. Business Website

WordPress business site

WordPress is the easiest way to build a professional looking business website. It is so powerful that many big name brands are using WordPress to power their websites. It gives you easy tools to quickly launch a website and then extend it as your business grows.

3. eCommerce

WordPress based eCommerce stores

WordPress is quickly becoming a go to solution for building an eCommerce websites. There are awesome plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and WPEcommerce which convert your WordPress website into fully functional eCommerce platform. You can accept payments, manage inventory, shipping, taxes, and users from the same roof.

4. Job Board

WordPress based job board

Several popular sites like Smashing Magazine, Problogger etc use job boards as an extra source of income. There is a growing demand of niche job boards catering the needs of a specific industry or specialization.

WordPress allows you easily create a job board where employers can post job listings and professionals can respond to them.

5. Business Directory

Business directory

Just like job boards, there is increasing demand of niche business directories on the web. There are some great WordPress business directory plugins which allow you to easily create a business directory.

You can even create web directory that is not limited to businesses alone.

6. Question & Answer Website

Creating question and answer website in WordPress

Want to create your own version of Yahoo Answers, Stack Exchange, or Quora? With WordPress you can easily create a question and answers site. Combine it with other tools, and you can build yourself a thriving online community of your own.

7. NonProfits and Religious Websites

Creating nonprofit websites with WordPress

WordPress is free as in freedom (see our guide why is WordPress free?). This makes it an ideal solution for nonprofit organizations.

With WordPress plugins you can add donate form and raise money by accepting paypal donations. There are some great WordPress themes for churches and nonprofits.

8. Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites with WordPress

Need a place to showcase your work? You can easily add a portfolio to your WordPress site with stunning image galleries, and beautiful sliders. WordPress can be used to provide a very sleek and polished user experience for your portfolio site making it easier for others to browse and learn about your work.

9. Online Communities

Online communities and forums

WordPress can be used as an online forum using the lightweight bbPress forum. You can even add social features to a WordPress site with plugins like BuddyPress.

10. Coupon Website

Coupons site with WordPress

Want to earn affiliate commissions from thousands of websites offering special discounts on their products and services? Use WordPress to create a coupon site. It allows you to easily add, manage, and expire coupons. Your users can vote and rate coupons, and it all fits right in your WordPress admin area.

11. Auction Websites


Want to run your own eBay like auctions website? With WordPress, you can create a fully functional auction website. Users can bid online, make payments, and you get to earn by simply providing a platform for your niche industry.

12. Multilingual Websites

Multilingual WordPress Sites

You can install WordPress in many languages, but you can also create a multilingual website as well. See how easy it is to create multilingual websites using WordPress.

13. Knowledgebase / Wiki Websites

Create wiki knowledgebase in WordPress

Want to add a documentation section with a knowledgebase or wiki like articles? WordPress comes with great plugins that quickly turn your website into an easy to browse knowledgebase wiki.

14. Podcasting Websites

Create a podcasting website with WordPress

WordPress and podcasting go hand in hand. Most popular podcasters on the web are using WordPress for their websites. See our step by step guide on how to start a podcast with WordPress.

15. Niche Affiliate Websites

Niche affiliate marketing websites using WordPress

Want to make a commission by referring your users to products and services? Here are the best affiliate marketing tools and plugins available for WordPress. These tools will boost your affiliate earnings and make things a lot more easier.

16. Photography Websites

Photography websites

Are you a professional or amateur photographer? Want to share your family vacation photos? With WordPress and Envira Gallery, you can create astonishingly beautiful photography websites. You can add galleries, albums, titles, captions, lightbox popups, slideshows, and the bells and whistles.

There are also tons of photography templates available for WordPress.

17. School or College Websites

School or college websites using WordPress

WordPress powers thousands of schools and college websites around the world. It is safe, secure, and easy to manage. See our list of popular universities that are using WordPress.

18. Private Blogs

Private WordPress sites

Want to keep your WordPress blog to yourself? See how easily you can make your WordPress blog completely private. Run team projects, diaries, or whatever you want in a safe environment away from prying eyes.

19. Family Blogs

Family blogs

With built in media and user management system, WordPress is perfect to create small family websites. Create beautiful wedding websites, upload family photos, or add family gossip. WordPress can provide endless fun for all members of family age 10 and up. See our list of best WordPress themes for family blogs.

We hope this article gave you some ideas about the kind of websites you can create with WordPress. Getting started with WordPress is easier with WPBeginner, see how you can make the most out of WPBeginner’s free learning resources.

An Epic List of 80 Referral Program Examples That You Can Steal

An Epic List of 80 Referral Program Examples That You Can Steal

One of the most cost-effective marketing strategies involves using your current customers to spread the word about your brand.

The problem?

It’s not always easy for them to do. Between their hectic work schedules and a never-ending list of social and family obligations, your marketing strategy is the last thing on their minds.

So you gotta put it on their minds and make the referral process as easy as possible for them, turning your loyal customers into your biggest brand advocates. You do this with killer referral incentives, like free products and major discounts.

This makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

But sometimes an incentive isn’t enough. An effective rewards program is done with tact and strategy.

Rather than reinventing the wheel to come up with your own referral marketing ideas, though, it makes sense to look to other brands who are absolutely killing referral programs.

So I bring to you an epic list of the best (and most effective) referral program ideas currently on the market, along with recommendations on what kinds of referral program software to use, incentives to offer, and current customers to target for your very own rewards program.

By the end of reading this, you will have enough referral program ideas to launch your very own program and open the floodgates of another customer acquisition channel for your business.

The 11 Best Referral Marketing Ideas to Acquire More Customers

The 11 Best Referral Marketing Ideas to Acquire More Customers

There’s no debate: When it comes to acquiring customers, referral marketing is one of the most effective strategies. Why? Because it relies on the time-tested psychology of word-of-mouth.

Whether you’re building a Stripe referral program or referral marketing program for your software-as-a-service, your ecommerce store, your agency, or any other online business, you actually have a lot of options.

To help you create your own referral system, we put together this list of referral marketing ideas. Use them as inspiration to build a unique and exciting referral system.

1. Leverage Social Gifting

Social gifting is a unique referral marketing idea because it doesn’t reward the referrer with anything at all. The entire reward goes to the referred friend.

Subscription boxes are known for using this method. They often give their customers a code that gifts a free box to their friends.

Try the World did this for their anniversary. They let each customer send a free box to three of their friends. The referrer didn’t get anything except the satisfaction of a happy friend.

WordPress Website Development

WordPress Website Development

Create a Stunning Online Presence for Your Brand!

Being a complete and all-inclusive website, WordPress website is gaining popularity. Be it a simple brochure website or an e-commerce solution with an integrated forum, WordPress website designing and development companies are able to create the ultimate solution to meet your marketing objectives. Even if you are looking for something unique, they can create a customized solution, designed specifically to suit your project needs. Being a preferred website designing company in Delhi, Smartech is fully equipped to take over a number of projects. If you need to get a WordPress website developed, our professional team is here to assist you at every step. WordPress has easy to use architecture, numerous features, templates and customization that make it highly preferred by clients across the globe.

WordPress website development projects follow a structured process aiding in executing the project within budget and time constraints. Creating a WordPress website ensures attracting search engines and encourages users to convert into leads and revenue.

How We Do It?

When it comes to developing a WordPress website, we leave no stone unturned to provide you services that help to achieve your business goals. By providing the tailor-made solutions considering your project’s unique demands, we have been referred to as the best WordPress website development company by our clients. Backed by a creative team of professionals, we are able to offer customized website that can be easily maintained encompassing its images, content, multimedia and another sort of crucial data.

Our experienced programmers use WordPress themes, modules, templates and plug-in to enhance the appeal of your WordPress website. This WordPress platform is widely acclaimed for its amazing features like spam resistance, multitasking easy customization.

Why Choose Smartech as the WordPress Website Development Company?

The factors that have made our clients to choose us as the preferred WordPress website development company in Faridabad, Delhi NCR for their projects are as follow:

  • We extend the functionality of your website by adding twitter feed, video gallery, Facebook fan box, event calendar using free WordPress plug-ins.
  • Our experts ensure 100% customization on website to promote your brand and provide a unique experience to the site visitors.
  • With the help of WordPress flexibility, we can design any type of website where you can include a blog, a photo blog or a business website.
  • By using WordPress to manage the traffic spikes, we strike a balance between the loading time and smooth function of website despite huge web traffic.

WordPress Website Design & Development

WordPress Website Design & Development

Custom WordPress Development Projects Dig Deep
Into Your Target Market, Business Goals, and Place a
Strong Emphasis on Search Engine Optimization

Strong Emphasis on Search Engine Optimization

  • Marketing goals and objectives
  • Goals and objectives for new website
  • Product or services offering
  • Target audience and possible website visitor personas
  • Overall branding direction and goals
  • Existing website
  • Competitor websites
  • Inspiration websites (websites you love)
  • Visual requirements
  • Focused keywords for organic SEO
  • Keyword to content site mapping
  • Desired website improvements
  • Functional requirements and enhancements
  • Content flow requirements
  • Outline potential call to actions
  • Desired outcomes of website traffic

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