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Increase the traffic to my website with YouTube

Increase the traffic to my website with YouTube

Why YouTube for Traffic?

With an impressive three billion daily views, this video-sharing platform stakes its claim as the world’s second-largest search engine (behind Google) and is considered the third most-visited website in the world. Think YouTube is only for Justin Bieber fans? Think again.

As a marketer, there’s an absolutely incredible potential with YouTube if you deploy the right strategy. Imagine each of your videos as “mini websites.”

First, your content can get found from within YouTube itself.

youtube's search result pages
Leverage YouTube’s three billion daily views to get found quicker!

Then, your content has the potential to get indexed inside Google’s search engine results pages, embedded on blogs and shared across all of the social networking platforms!

google for your keywords
Get even more exposure when your videos get ranked inside Google!

Building brand awareness and creating “celebrity status” are inevitable with the correct strategy, but at the end of the day, there is no “video bank” that you can trade in your views for dollars.

Instead, you need to strategically leverage your videos to perform one very specific function: drive traffic to your website.

Most people think viral video when they think YouTube. Until now, you’ve been under the impression that success on YouTube meant capturing some hilariously comedic moment with your cat or unsuspecting son or daughter on video and sharing it with the world.

You’ll quickly discover that you don’t need millions of views to get results. It’s all about the quality of your visitors, not the quantity.

Learn How to Increase Your Engagement and Sales with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Experience in-depth live workshops!

Your YouTube videos will build rapport with your viewers, so that by the time they end up on your website, they are primed, pumped and ready to take action with you. In short, your conversion rates go up.

It’s my job to show you how to get your audience off of YouTube and onto your website, so they can start taking action with you. Let’s begin.

What’s Your Call to Action?

There are three ways to convert viewers into visitors. However, there’s truly only one strategy for effectively accomplishing this traffic-generation goal: a compelling call to action.

Each of your videos must tell your viewer exactly what to do (e.g., “go to my website”), how to do it (e.g., “click the link below”) and most importantly, why to do it (e.g., “get my free report on 7 Weight-Loss Secrets”).

liz dialto
Here’s an example of a specific call to action.

Why should your audience leave YouTube and visit your website? The more compelling the offer, the more you can expect to convert video viewers into website visitors.

“Compelling” usually translates into “Free!” A free report, video, consultation or software application is enough to get people to take action with you.

However, as a savvy marketer, you also need to convey why this “free gift” is a must-have item that is worth getting immediately. What will your “free gift” do? How will it change prospects’ lives and make them better people?


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