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Diggistore24 for Affiliates: What opportunities do I have to earn money?

Diggistore24 for Affiliates: What opportunities do I have to earn money?

1. ​The Digistore24 marketplace – here you can find products to promote

On the Digistore24 marketplace, vendors offer their products to affiliates to promote. In the affiliate view, click on Marketplace in the menu to get to the Digistore24 marketplace. Take your time to look around until you’ve found a suitable product to promote. Key figures such as popularity, commission and earnings per sale etc. will help you here. You can find more about the key figures here​.

In addition, looking at the vendor’s sales page or the affiliate support page will help you in the decision making process. The links to these pages can be found in the bottom right corner of the marketplace entry.

The sales page is only relevant for you as an affiliate insofar as it gives you an idea of what the product is and the professionalism with which it is offered.

On the affiliate support page, the vendor has provided you as an affiliate with all the information you need to know to promote a product. All the available advertising material will also be made available to you on here. In addition to the obligatory promolink, this also includes email campaigns, banners, blog articles and social media messages. However, please note that not every vendor provides an affiliate support page.

You can find more information about the Digistore24 marketplace here​.

You integrate the promolink on the page where you advertise the product. When customers click on your promolink, they will arrive at the sales page of the vendor. The promolink sets a cookie that is valid for 180 days and correctly assigns the purchase to you – that’s why the promolink is so important for you as an affiliate!

To get the promolink, click on Promote now in the marketplace entry. A new window will appear immediately with the notification that your request has been accepted. Below you will see a box with a page URL – that is your unique promolink!

Do not worry if you misclicked. You can cancel affiliations at any time. An affiliation with a vendor does not involve any costs or obligations.

In addition, you will receive the promolink on the affiliate support page – if they have created one – or the vendor will send the promolink directly to you.

You can find more information about the promolink here​.

3. ​How to see your commissions

This is probably the most beautiful part of being an entrepreneur: seeing in black and white the amounts you have earned with your affiliate business and that your efforts were worth it.

There are two ways for you to view the commissions you’ve earned on Digistore24:

  1. On the dashboard: here you will directly see if you have generated commissions
  2. In the affiliate view under Reports > Purchases​.

You can find out more about commissions here​. Here we also show you which additional commission models you can use to earn extra money on Digistore24.

4. ​Enter VAT ID and set up payout account

In order for us to be able to pay you your commissions, you need to enter your VAT ID on Digistore24 and set up your personal payout account.

Step 1: Enter your address details and your VAT ID

  1. In the affiliate view, go to Account > Details​.
  2. Enter your address details in the Address window.
  3. In the Tax number window, enter your VAT regulation and your Tax number/VAT ID.
  4. Finally, click Save at the bottom.

You can find more information about VAT ID here.

Step 2: Set up payout account

  1. In the affiliate view, go to Account > Payout account​.
  2. Select when your Payouts per month should occur and how high the Payout threshold should be.
  3. Select the Payout method and enter your PayPal email/bank details accordingly.
  4. Finally, click Save.

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