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eCommerce Marketing Tactics Working Today

eCommerce Marketing Tactics Working Today

The primary goal of all online retail stores is to increase traffic and boost sales. The eCommerce marketing tactics that merchants opt to leverage are the most influential element involved in achieving that aim. However, the question here is: Which are the best eCommerce marketing strategies for cultivating more clicks and conversions. The fact is that there is a panoply of marketing schemes that sellers can deploy to help scale an eCommerce business. Depending on the brand, its existing efforts, the audience it serves and a variety of other variables, some eCommerce tactics are bound to be more fruitful than others. Adding to the equation, merchants must consider the ever-expanding vista of competitors entering the eCommerce arena. Given this dynamic, it is critical to identify the best eCommerce marketing strategies that will help retailers to overcome retail rivals and obtain a larger, more devoted user base. To help cut through the digital cacophony, today, we will explore the top eight eCommerce marketing tactics for besting competitors, earning traffic and boosting sales. Without further ado, check out these powerhouse eCommerce tactics. eCommerce Marketing Tactic #1: Content Marketing High-quality content is often the elixir that can turn a stagnant eCommerce site into a highly profitable business. By broad definition, content is essentially any type of information. This can be anything from your product description to the video you shared on Facebook. Ultimately, content is a product itself. However, instead of money, your content aims to capture attention. Yet, that isn’t to say that sellers can’t drive revenue using content; that just isn’t its primary purpose, in most situations.

Your content strategy is what you plan to do with that attention when you capture it. What types of content will you be creating? Will you be sending the traffic to a product page? Is your conversion goal of that piece of content to get an email address? Your content marketing strategy is how you plan to distribute your content. Content marketing is seen as an inbound strategy that aims to bring in interested traffic. Content marketing has several major advantages as an eCommerce strategy: Provides value to customers and builds your brand. Educates customers on your product and brand. Creates a reciprocal relationship with your customers. Attracts inbound and interested traffic for free. Can be shared. Helps your site’s SEO. Can be highly targeted.

Creating Your Killer Content Marketing Strategy Content marketing and content creation are a deeply intertwined process. Content marketing is both a means of distributing your content, as well as a way of figuring out what type of content to create based on feedback.

Step 1: What Type of Content Do You Want to Create? Eliminate the guesswork of what type of content you want to create and find out what your target audience and customers want to read. This can be done by browsing sites such as Quora and Reddit to find which questions are being asked. Once you can identify certain pain points, you can provide customers with solutions. You should also incorporate your keyword research into your content strategy, but we’ll get into more of that in the next section.

Step 2: What is the Goal of Your Content? If you are in eCommerce, chances are you want to make money. So, how do we get traffic from your content to turn into money? There are various strategies you can use here, but I’ll highlight the major ones.

Step 3: How Will You Distribute Your Content? Having amazing content on your site is essentially worthless if there is no one looking at it. There is far too much noise on the internet to expect serendipitous traffic, so you need to put the control in your hands. On what channels will you share your content? You could and should incorporate it into your social media posts for variety, send out new pieces of content to your email list, or use a link building strategy to get more traffic on your posts.

eCommerce Marketing Tactic #2: Search Engine Optimization The average eCommerce merchant likely has a theoretical understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), but this strategy is still extremely underutilized or misunderstood. While this strategy requires a lot of front-loaded effort, if done successfully it will effectively bring consistent and free traffic to your site. The top-notch content you’re going to be creating from the first tactic will play a huge role in how your SEO functions.

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