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How I can increase my traffic with the help from Keyword research

How I can increase my traffic with the help from Keyword research

Once you have a list of potential keywords you think fit your content topic, it’s time to check and see if people are actually searching those terms in search engines.

The key here is to match your keywords to people’s search intent.

After all, if no one is looking for the terms you have listed, and you include them in your content anyway, your SEO rankings will suffer.

A great place to start is in actual search engines. Simply enter the keywords you have chosen into Google’s search bar and see what pops up.

The autofill feature will immediately tell you if you’re on the right track.

Continue your search and see what type of articles show on the first page of Google’s search results.

This is the content that receives the most traction. Your goal is to compete with these articles.

Another helpful way to analyze your keyword list is to go straight to the source: your website.

By setting up site search tracking, you can see exactly what site visitors that land on your page search for. If your list of keywords relate to those terms, you know you’re on the right track to giving site visitors what they want.

If you find your list differs from the search terms entered on your site, you might consider adjusting your keyword list to match more of what actual visitors are looking for.

Lastly, you can always use the popular Google Keyword Planner to get insight into what keywords are trending and which related terms best match the terms you are looking to rank for.


Check Your Competition

If you have a competitor who you know ranks well in Google, has a lot of site traffic, and does well in terms in revenue, it’s time to copy what they’re doing because whatever it is, it’s working.

A simple way to find out which keywords your toughest competition is ranking for in Google is to use the popular keyword research tool found on

Enter the domain name of your competition into the homepage to see the keywords that drive the most organic traffic to their website.

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