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Increase traffic to my website with Flickr

Increase traffic to my website with Flickr

Hello, hello, my favorite Traffic Hacker:

Wanted to share with you something neat I’ve just discovered – might be a great addition to your future marketing promos!

So I am working on redoing my Promote Your Blog: 10 Steps to Ultimate Blog Promotion post – you know things change, strategies improve, etc.

Flickr, the photo sharing site, has always been on my blog post promotion list as a way to back up my blog post images, get links, and maybe an occasional visitor or two.

It’s easy, so why not, right?

Well, today I was actually paying attention to what I was doing on Flickr (go figure… ?)

And I discovered something… that made me all giddy.

Flickr for Links and Traffic

[thrive_lead_lock id=’11077′]

Ahem… Is it possible that by the end of this email you’ll lose all respect for me, as in ‘Can’t believe she didn’t know that; doesn’t everyone?…’

I’ll take my chances.

Up until now, I’ve been:

  • uploading images from a newly published blog post to Flickr
  • adding naked URLs (as in to image descriptions
  • had my setting on ‘All rights reserved’ – because they are… MINE!!!!!

Today I tried to actually use anchor text in the description and… it does work!

Mind blown… 😉🤓

Not only that, but you can create albums based on your blog posts and add anchor-text description to your albums!

Not only that… but you can actually change your settings to ‘Attribution‘ – meaning anyone can use the image as long as they place a link back to you.

That way, people who are looking for free images to use for whatever – their blog posts, for instance – can actually find your images, might follow you back to your site, might share it with others…

You see all the possibilities?! I certainly do.

Yay! It was worth getting up at 4 am this morning… ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️  (yes, that’s four!) espressos might’ve had something to do with the giddiness as well…

Just in case you are not sure what anchor text is or how to write a link with it, read:

Your Ultimate Anchor Text Tutorial – from Basic to Advanced

3 Ways to Add Links on Flickr

1. in the photo description:

How to add a link to photo description on Flickr

2. in the photo album description:

How to add a link to Flickr photo album

3. in your Flickr profile:

How to add a link to your Flickr profile

HOWEVER, your profile link will most likely get you no traffic, since your profile itself is very well hidden in the dropdown menu (why, Flickr, why?…):

Where is your Flickr profile?

How to Get More Value out of Flickr


I had no idea Flickr groups exist until a friend of mine, Vincent Brown of, told me so – great tip; thanks, Vin!

You can navigate to groups by clicking on… yes, ‘Groups‘ while in your profile or even create your own Flickr group. And become a true Flickr groupie!… 🙂

Where to find Flickr groups

You can also find the complete list of all Flickr groups here – in a much more effective text format.

Toggle the ‘Relevant‘ button at the top right to make it a bit easier to find what you are looking for.

Join flickr groups for more exposure, traffic, and links

Will You REALLY Get Much Traffic from Flickr?

Hmmm… my guess is probably no. Just being honest here…

However, this strategy is easy to implement, it gives you a way to back up and organize your blog post images, and it builds your presence across various platforms.

Links are an additional bonus.

True, those links are nofollow. But you know what?… even nofollow links have value. Read The Blogger’s Guide To Nofollow Links at to learn more.

Flickr Marketing Takeaway

So now, when using Flickr, I will:

  • upload images from a newly published blog post
  • add varied anchor-text links to image descriptions
  • create albums based on topics or blog posts
  • have my setting on ‘Attribution‘ so that my images can be used by others.
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