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Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Beacon, Wearables App Development Company

Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Beacon, Wearables App Development Company

Mobile is more mainstream than any other time and IOT (Internet of Things), Augmented Reality, Beacon, Wearables App is the future of mobile app development industry. Here’s Why.

We have witnessed great improvements in digital technology in the past five years. Smartphones, Cloud computing, Multi-touch tablets are some of the innovations, which have revolutionized our living and working culture.

The technology of the current era is still getting more advanced day-by-day and innovations like IOT (Internet of Things), Augmented Reality, Beacon applications, and Wearable apps have completely stolen the show.

Believe it or not, today we are completely surrounded by gadgets or appliances, which are completely based on these technologies.

From an application in your smartphone to a computer you work on, everything around you is somehow linked up with these latest technologies.

IOT, Augmented Reality, Beacon, Wearables App: All You Need To Know About Them

Let us get some detailed information regarding these leading technologies:

1. Beacon App Development

Beacon devices are some of the most unique gadgets of current technology, which are used to transmit information in the form of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) signals to any nearby Bluetooth enabled smart devices such as Android phones, iPhone, iPad, phablets, tablets and much more.

Beacon transactions basically consist of only three values named UUID, a minor and a major value. We can understand it more clearly with the help of an example, consider a person entering into a store with beacon app installed on his/her smartphone. If they come close to any broadcaster (beacon device), his/her smartphone will detect the small packet of data transferred from the broadcaster. Some sectors, where beacon applications can be proved very useful are:

  • Health
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Food
  • Education
  • Automation
  • Retail

So, now you know what is beacon application and where it can be used. Now the question arises is How can you use this technology? This is where you will need SAG IPL. Our company will guide you to deploy beacon devices along with required applications. As a beacon app development company, we have analyzed different factors and have experienced that beacon technology has not been used much in India, as most of the people are still unaware of it.

Beacon Application Development

So, for making this useful technology more popular in the country, our company has started providing beacon application services to help our clients with it. Our various Beacon application development services are:

  • Customized and user-friendly beacon applications (both iOS and Android)
  • Developing Backend web Panels
  • Website design and development for Beacon applications
  • Strategical tips and ideas for enterprises and stores of various levels

Mobile Application Development

2. Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality, the word which has changed the way of conveying information in the current era. This technology basically adds enhancements to certain elements such as sound, motion, picture and GPS data to make it visually more attractive and informative.


AR lies between the Virtual Reality (VR) and reality, erasing the line, which distinguishes between computer generated things and real things by enhancing the user’s senses. Basically, this technology shows a modified view of reality by augmenting the elements in context with the environment in real-time. By using this technology, users can see themselves in the midst of a digitally manipulable, highly interactive surrounding, which can be overlaid onto the real world. Some sectors, where Augmented Reality can be proved very useful are:

  • Games
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Location-based services

Augmented Reality initially made its way to this world by the evolution of video games, but today, the technology has taken over the complete smartphone market and is still getting advanced with rapid speed.

Many gadgets and other technical devices are trying to make their devices compatible with this technology and us at SAG IPL, are already using augmented reality app development concept as much as possible by assessing client requirements and developing the most viable augmented reality solutions.

Augmented Reality DevelopmentOur company is blessed with skilled and experienced developers, who use this technology in making mobile applications with native device features. Our team of Augmented Reality developers has the freedom to extend their vision to deliver something fresh in every project.

Augmented Reality Services we offer are:

  • Augmented Reality on Maps
  • Augmented Reality using Image Recognition
  • Games Based on Augmented Reality

3. Internet Of Things – IOT App Development

Internet Of Things (IoT) applications simply means the role of mobile applications in connecting the device to the internet. Either you are building next-gen fitness band, or you are the largest weighbridge manufacturer, or you might be an expert in designing home automation gateways, we provide IoT mobility services, which will help you in connecting your devices to the internet to transform your ‘Devices’ into ‘Smart Devices’.


Our IOT app development company includes a skilled and experienced team of developers, who are expert in developing iOS and Android applications for IoT using different channels like WiFi, WiFi direct, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth 2.0 and much more. Along with the developers, we also have talented UI and UX designers for creating ravishing interfaces and user experience for your IoT applications.

IOT (Internet of Things) Application Development

SAG IPL develops end-to-end IoT applications at a variety of platforms.Our company is one of the best IOT app development companies, which have worked with many of the world’s leading businesses across multiple Industries. The award-winning SAG IPL is well known for delivering innovative, connected solutions across markets with optimized outcomes rapidly.

Moreover, if you want to add more awesome IoT app developers to work remotely or from your location, you can simply hire our IoT app developers/consultants and get your work started immediately.

4. Wearable Device Application Development

Wearable technology is slowly making a way for an all-new category of devices, which will make your life more easy and interesting. The Internet of Things revolution has affected each and every segment of technology along with wearables devices. SAG IPL has efficiently adapted all the technical reforms and has successfully established as the best App Developers in India. Our company is blessed with skilled developers, who have gained experience by years of practice in the software industry.

Wearable technology has grown up to a new level these days, in past few years we have witnessed tremendous changes in this technology and results are already present in front of the world, for example, a primary information receiver. Leading technology giants like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola and much more are continuously working for commercialization of wearable smartwatches and glasses, and developers at SAG IPL are also working efficiently uptake in the number of people using wearable gear.

Along with the high-end energy efficient technology and being easy to use and affordable, the presence of wearable devices as an active member of IOT is mandatory. We at SAG IPL works to offer some of the best wearable device applications on the planet.

Wearable Device Application Development

Today the market of wearable smart devices is flooded up with many options available, so, we think, this is the right time to think out of the box and invest in a technology that is taking over the world.

Here we present some of the categories, in which we can develop an application for wearable devices:

  • Wearable Mails and Messaging Communicator
  • Wearable Device Application for Navigation
  • Wearable Device Application to synchronize data from all devices
  • Wearable Device Application for Monitoring Specific Health Conditions
  • Wearable Device Application for Notetaking and Organisation
  • Wearable Device Application for Fitness and Activity Tracking
  • Wearable Device Application for Event Reminders and Scheduling
  • Wearable Device Application for Media Usage
  • Wearable Device Application for Entertainment and Food suggestions

The above-mentioned technologies are some of the most advanced technologies of the current era and are still enhancing rapidly. SAG IPL is an organization, which have efficiently delivered many projects over these technologies and has gained 100 percent customer satisfaction. So, you must keep up with current technology as these have some wonderful gadgets which can blow up your mind.

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