Planned new features in WordPress 5.3 (just released!)

Tuesday January 26th, 2021

Planned new features in WordPress 5.3 (just released!)

To put it simply, let’s just say that all new functionalities from Gutenberg plugin version 6.5 is now added to WP 5.3 core. Basically, it includes as many as last 12 releases of this plugin. All developers and WordPress enthusiasts has had and opportunity to test Beta 3 version of WordPress 5.3 since the October 8th, 2019. They were able to try out all new features and main drivers of this update in advance.

If you didn’t get a chance to test Beta 3, you can read now what you can look forward to. WordPress 5.3 release date was November 12th, 2019 and that’s when it was released.

What is new in the latest WordPress version?

As WordPress developers have managed to release the current WordPress version on time, you can now use all WordPress new features without limitations. To help you not to get lost among so many new functionalities, we’ve prepared a complete list of features in the latest WordPress version 5.3.

In general, there are some significant changes – from changed appearance of the admin environment, through new features of WordPress blocks (including the release of completely new blocks), to improvements in usability and accessibility. One of the biggest advantages of WordPress newest version is that it really keeps in mind the user’s experience. This WordPress version makes working with blocks easier. For example, by adding Block Appender for color differentiation of individual blocks in multiple blocks.

Also, content management has become more convenient.

A completely new feature is the local Auto-save, which prevents loss of data during periods of internet disruption. Furthermore, improved way of uploading high-resolution images ensure that, in the event of an unexpected interruption of uploading process, the image will continue to upload (from the point where it ended).

Another great thing is improved notification informing users that the post was saved or published. They won’t disturb you anymore because now they’re transformed into gentle Snackbar notices. Text editing via mobile devices was also improved in the latest WordPress version.

Besides that, current WordPress version is much faster than the previous one.

However, this is only a fraction of all WordPress new features. Now, take a look at the promised overview of all the changes.

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