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Stupid Ideas That Made Millions

Stupid Ideas That Made Millions


A piece of metal coiled into a tubular shape made millions of dollars. It is hard to believe, but Slinky, the toy that appears to walk down steps and springs back into shape is a million dollar business idea. An engineer working on a spring for ships invented the slinky when he noticed one fall and appear to walk down an incline. The idea hatched and Slinky was born. Over 300 million Slinky toys have been sold since the toy first appeared on the market.


Kim Levine was a stay at home mom with small children. One day she was watching her husband put out deer corn and a light bulb went on. Why not sew up a pillow, stuff it with corn and then heat it in the microwave. The corn would hold onto the heat. And, Voila. She had created a nice warm pillow for kids to snuggle with. At first, she sold the pillows at local stores and at craft fairs. Her nice idea went big time when she landed a contract with Saks Fifth Avenue. She has made millions, written a book called Millionaire Mom and has her own website soliciting “million dollar ideas” from the world at large.

Yellow Smiley Faces

Yellow smiley faces are everywhere, on t-shirts, sticky notes, car tags, and more. There are emoticons for the yellow smiley face. The original version, created in 1962 by a New York radio station was slightly different because the smile was crooked. Then, in 1963, a commercial artist created a happy face for an insurance company and the iconic smiley face was on its way.

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