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Learning fashion designing can lead to an exciting and fascinating career but just the idea of getting started in fashion designing can be overwhelming. Maybe you’re secretly thinking: what do fashion designers do? Or maybe even: what is fashion design?

As you consider whether fashion design is the right career path for you, you need some answers to the big questions: What do you really need to know? What tools do you need to have?

Don’t worry! fashion designing is more easy than you might imagine. Just learn the skills and you’ll soon be on your way. For some who are in a hurry to not just learn but to finish off things as quickly as possible and start earning money, investing a month or two extra in something that is going to be with you lifelong is not a bad investment. Honestly, fashion designing as a career is a great choice but, you need to study the craft of fashion designing & make your basics very clear and thereby build a foundation which is strong.

As fashion is the art of creative details, the field of fashion designing is one of the most glamorous, intriguing and astonishing career options of this generation. If you have a flair for creativity, impeccable personal style and originality, then the captivating world of fashion designing is just the right thing for you. The work of a fashion designer is to design clothing and fashion ranges, but it is not as easy as it seems. The love for designing clothes is just not enough to be a good designer as the competition is highly fierce. One needs the right guidance, expertise and experience to become a successful fashion designer, as your skills can be polished with the right training.

Fashion Designing is undoubtedly an exceptional career choice as it withholds a bright future due to its gaining popularity and steady money. The best part about fashion design is that it is not restricted to only clothes, it also comprises of accessories, jewellery, shoes and many more.


How To Make A Career In Fashion Designing in 2020:


1. Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing
If you plan to not just work in the fashion industry but become the pioneer in it then you need to indulge and gain knowledge about the basics of this glamorous industry. Any fashion enthusiast who aspires to become a successful fashion designer should get admitted to a fashion design college as these colleges help you to become industry-ready. Pursuing a fashion designing course will extensively enable you to understand the working of the fashion industry collaboratively – fashion design history, clothing textiles, sketching and drawing of outfits, fashion events, managing a fashion house etc.

2. Gain Knowledge About the Past, Present & Future of Fashion
Fashion is unfathomably an adorable art. That is why it is utterly important to study and understand the history of fashion. Be it Vera Wang, Oscar De La Renta or Vivenne Westwood, all of these famous fashion designers were once the students of Philosophy of Art, which is a great course to indulge in as it enables you to express your ideas and put them in an appropriate context.

3. Play the ‘Making Contacts’ Game Well
If you make the right contacts early on, it’ll prove to be very beneficial in developing your career as a fashion designer. You should start meeting and communicating with people from the fashion industry as early as possible, preferably while you are still a Fashion Design student. You should also be flexible with paid or unpaid internships as it will help you to develop experience in the field. It is much easier to get a job on a recommendation than trying to convince others that you have what it takes to prove your worth as a designer.

4. Determine Your Area of Expertise

Don’t opt for being a jack of all trades and the master of one. Choose your area of expertise judiciously and pursue it professionally while determining a career in fashion designing. Figure out what your area of interest is, whether it is men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, sportswear or accessory designing, in order to move progressively towards the business aspect of fashion.

5. Set Up A Business-Oriented Mindset
Fashion is an impressive form of art, but it is also a billion dollars industry. It has been evidently spoken by world-renowned fashion designers that in order for them to succeed, they had to understand and learn the business aspect of the fashion industry as well. It helps you to further understand how to run a successful business as you’ll discover new and engrossing ways to promote your brand and make it stand out from the crowd.

6. Keep An Eye for Detail and Think Out of the Box
If you are a keen observer of detailing, understand the world of colour palettes, textures and impressively well at sketching figures, then don’t let your talent go in vain. An ideal way to brush up your skills is to be a part of a Fashion Design Institute. Design institutes are well equipped with more than enough facilities and experienced faculty to help you become a better designer. On an everyday basis, you get to learn and experience innumerable new things which can further help you in building your fashion career. A lot of the top fashion design colleges in Mumbai are not only beneficial in imparting theoretical knowledge, but also helps the students to gain practical knowledge. Hands-on practical knowledge and exposure to the industry are the primary focuses. Ideations, innovation in fashion and styling cues can be gained from such colleges.

7. Design A Portfolio
In order for you to establish yourself as a fashion designer and to be taken seriously by your fellow industry mates, you need to demonstrate your work in your under-graduation through an impressive portfolio. It is important that you treat every assignment given to you during under-graduation with utmost sincerity as it will help to shape up your future as a fashion designer. A good portfolio allows you to show off a range of skill sets, including sketching, sewing and pattern making abilities.

8. Keeping Up With The Trends
The fashion industry is a rapidly changing industry. The industry has something new to offer with every passing season. That is why it is very important for aspiring fashion designers to keep up with the trends all around the globe. You can be up to date with the trends around by religiously reading industry journals and magazines.

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