WordPress 5.3: New features in latest WordPress version (complete list)

Tuesday January 26th, 2021

WordPress 5.3: New features in latest WordPress version (complete list)

1. Visual changes in WP admin

The first thing you’ll notice will be the new, highlighted borders around inputs and their rounded edges. With such a slight graphic design change, WordPress developers want to bring more attention to admin UI and to make inputs more noticeable, not only in forms.

2. Improved features of current WordPress blocks

New features in WordPress 5.3 make blocks more accessible and simplify their usability. Working with them is therefore much easier than before.

  • Block appender
    Block appender is a new functionality that simplifies the user orientation when working with blocks that operate multiple blocks simultaneously. These include Columns block or a new Group block (which we’ll get back to later). Up until now, when inserting another block into Column, the entire block surface was white, which could confuse the user. It wasn’t entirely clear where to click as the block blended with the editor’s white area.Block appender colors an empty block in gray, helping to make the UI more intelligible.
Block appender

Block appender simplifies working process inside multiple blocks


  • Changes in Columns block
    There has been a new function added into Columns block that allows you to adjust the column width using slider in the Inspector. Less technically skilled users will also appreciate another improvement – the option to choose from predefined layouts of the block. You can choose how many columns you want and their alignment. Another new feature of Column block is the vertical alignment.
Predefined layouts of Columns block

New feature in Columns block – default layout styles you can choose from


  • Changes in Table block
    Thanks to improvements brought by latest WordPress version WP 5.3, you’re able to create nicer and clearer tables. You can also customize them better. From now on, Table block supports adding headers and footers to the tables and also text alignment in table rows. You can even set the background color of your table to achieve more original look.
New settings options in Table block Inspector

Enhanced settings in Table block


  • Simplified reordering of images in Gallery block
    Another new feature of WordPress 5.3 lets you change the order of images in your gallery really fast. Simply click on the arrows to move image forward and backward. That’s not all: new functionality Gallery captions has been added too.
  • News in Latest Posts block
    What’s new in WordPress Latest Post Blocks? An option to insert excerpt and post content iteration.
  • Changes in List block
    From now on, List block allows you to enter start value and reverse order.
  • Small features supported by several blocks
    – Vertical alignment in Media & Text block
    – Possibility to resize image within Cover block
    – New Circle-crop variation for Image block
    – Border color, that can be specified for Separator block

3. Brand new blocks

Thanks to the latest version of WordPress, there are new WordPress blocks added to the core for you to work with:

  • Social Links block
    With Social Links blocks, you can easily insert social media buttons into your website. Just click one of the available social icons and insert the URL.
  • Group block
    One of the biggest features in WordPress latest version 5.3 is Group block. You can add other existing blocks into this block and move them around if necessary. By inserting multiple blocks into one, you can create different page layouts. Group block also lets you choose background color.Although the new Group block is useful, at the moment, it has limited functionalities – unlike our Cluster block.Cluster block from Ait Themes was released some time ago and for the ones who are not familiar with it, it’s also a block that allows you to group other blocks at the highest level. In addition, it lets you use background image with Color Overlay, not only a background color. You can create any custom layouts with Cluster block.

Buy Lifetime Membership right now and use Cluster block instantly.

4. New way of notifications via Snackbar notices

In current WordPress version 5.3, there is a brand new feature called Snackbar notices. These are small, modest notifications that lets us know that a certain task has been completed (for example a post has been saved or published). The advantage of these notifications is that they appear at the bottom of the page and disappear after a short time. There’s no need to click on them to make them go. They don’t disturb the user or distract his attention.

5. Uploading and automatic rotation of high-resolution images

The latest version of WordPress 5 also brings support for high quality images and a better way of processing those images. If the upload of an image isn’t successful (the uploading process fails), WordPress will resume uploading the rest of the image from the point of disruption. A great benefit for the user is also the automatic rotation of images right during their upload.

6. New default theme Twenty Twenty

Along with the new WordPress features, a new theme called Twenty Twenty has been released at the end of 2019. This theme is basically a showcase that promotes the available options for using blocks within the WordPress block editor.

7. Typewriter experience

From better usability point of view, you’ll certainly appreciate the improved way of writing the text, especially when using a mobile phone. Typewriter experience allows you to write more smoothly. It fixates the focus point for writing and at the same time keeps the margin at the bottom of the page in line, which helps to avoid text overflow.

8. Auto-save function

Another great feature is the local automatic save of content for cases of internet disruptions. Thanks to the auto-save function, user won’t lose the changes made to his website.

9.+ Other useful changes in WordPress 5.3

  • Notification about admin email every 6 months – this verification prevents admin from getting locked out in case of email address change.
  • Improved checks of permissions when comments are being added by different users.
  • Zoom of the text for better work with content
  • Time/ date components fixes
  • Simplified switching between blocks
  • Experimental feature of adding non-local blocks in 1 click
  • New animations
  • PHP Spread Operator
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility and removal of deprecated functions
  • Fixes that reduce potential compatibility issues with previous versions
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